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The National Research Council of Canada National Science Infrastructure (NRC-NSI) manages Canada's involvement in major astronomical observatories in Hawaii and Chile, thereby ensuring Canadian astronomers full access to world-class facilities spanning the entire sky. NRC-HIA also operates two of Canada's premier astronomical facilities: the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory (Victoria, BC) and the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (Penticton, BC). In astronomy, scientific progress is closely linked to technological innovation. Instrumentation experts at NRC-HIA develop state-of-the art devices that are critical to the research of world-class observatories in Canada and abroad. NRC-HIA is also a leading force in data management, archiving, and distribution. Industrial collaborations and technology transfer are high priorities at NRC-HIA. The Institute has helped several industry partners win major contracts and establish a competitive presence on the world market. As well as its services to the research and business communities, NRC-HIA maintains an active outreach and education program to the public at large. This includes a year-round interpretative centre, the Centre of the Universe, in Victoria, BC.

Member Employees

  • Ian McCrea

  • Joeleff Fitzsimmons

  • Martyn Ward

  • Nick Ball

  • Genevieve Bourdon

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