About Timberstone Tools Inc

Timberstone Tools is a technology company located in Victoria, BC specializing in instrumentation for the oil and gas industry. We provide reliable solutions for harsh environments. Our downhole instrumentation and cameras operate in borehole conditions of high pressure (10000 psi), high temperature (150 C), and sustained vibration. Timberstone provides mechanical design, custom electronics, firmware, and software. In 2016 we pivoted our focus from consulting to product development. We are launching our a new product called “Coil-Link” to market. We are also gaining traction in the exploratory mining space.

Member Employees

  • Jeff Kennedy

Company Quick Description

Specializing in instrumentation for oil and gas – providing solutions involving mechanical design, custom electronics, and software.

Products & Services


Downhole tools for the Oil and Gas industry

  • Coil-LinkTM  
  • Downhole cameras
  • Telemetry systems
  • Topside control equipment


  • Mechanical design
  • Custom high-temperature electronics
  • Firmware
  • Software

Company Contact

Jeff Kennedy