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Carmanah Sustainability Goals for 2011

Carmanah’s Sustainability Goals for 2011

Goal #1 - Win the CRD EcoStar Award in the Waste Reduction Category

Goal #2- Help others to go waste free too

Hello Everyone,

Darn, sounds like I missed a good meeting. I’m on afternoons for a while so may not be able to attend the early morning meetings for a while, but will still participate as best as possible. Please get in touch with me if I can be of any help with your waste free programs, such as lunchtime tours at Carmanah or at your site, venders etc. We even have a couple of extra mini waste bins you could borrow just to try out.

I have also attached a copy of our latest stick/carrot incentive. I like to call it Happy Face/Sad Face and it went over very well. Yes we still have some refuseniks (pun intended) and hope to have them onboard as our first waste free anniversary approaches. So far we have diverted 3000lbs of organic waste and more than 50 yards of recyclable material from the Hartland landfill!

AND reduced our waste removal costs by 25%$$$.

Carmanah’s goals for 2011 will be limited until our pending move to a new site is complete.

Hope this helps,



Uh-oh, I didn’t include the paper and cardboard measures. 138 yards. So it should read that we diverted a total of 188 yards of recyclable materials.

Allan, I LOVE the smileys!