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Making Waste a Resource - is Victoria ready for this?

This is a really interesting idea, capitalizing on the reality that 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'.  Is Victoria ready for this?

Recycle Match has created a three step process:

1 - post what you have to recycle or give away

2 - buyers bid on your materials

3 - you award the materials to the top bidder

It's amazing what people will take if it is useful to them.  My husband and I have just finished renovating our new home.  Instead of taking huge loads to the landfill, we decided to post everything for free on UsedVictoria and Craigslist.  The result?  Every bit of our 30 year old wall to wall carpet (green shag) and underlay was taken - it now resides in two boats, has been laid over a cold cement floor to warm up a basement, and is in a storage shed. The bricks from our fireplace have created a fishpond for one man.  The outdated trim and baseboards are in someone's basement suite.  Mirrored closet doors were sold for a pittance.  Wood scraps went to our neighbour for his woodstove.  We made one trip to dump with drywall scraps, that's it.

What kind of materials does your company throw away?  I'll bet much of it has value to someone.  The solution presented by Recycle Match is a great way for our sector to be more sustainable, whether we use this existing service or create one of our own.