Victoria, BC Company Launches Fisheries Management System in Northeast USA

Victoria, BC Company Launches Fisheries Management System in Northeast USA

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May 5, 2010

Electric Edge Systems Group Inc. (EESG) is pleased to announce that it
has launched its EasyHails™ system for the Groundfish fishery in the
Northeastern United States. This follows the successful implementation
of EasyHails™ for the British Columbia hook-and-line groundfish
fisheries in March of this year.

The EasyHails™ system is a comprehensive software package developed by
EESG to serve a wide variety of stakeholders in monitored fisheries. In
British Columbia, groundfish fisheries such as Halibut, Sablefish and
Rockfish have been monitored for several years. Monitoring includes the
requirement for commercially caught fish to be weighed and verified by
independent monitors when it is unloaded at the end of each fishing
trip. This requires fishing vessels to provide advance notice to
monitoring companies and government prior to leaving port to start
fishing and when heading back to port after fishing. These notifications
are referred to as “hails”.

EasyHails™ provides fishers with the ability to send hails
electronically via satellite to monitoring companies. The systems’
central portal provides monitoring companies with logistical tools to
accurately and efficiently manage, organize, and report on the
information regarding trips and scheduled offloads of catch.

Effective May 1, 2010, legislation was enacted in the Northeastern US,
which provided incentives for fishermen to form industry groups known as
“sectors”. The Northeast sectors are subject to monitoring in the
interest of managing the fisheries and avoiding the collapse of stocks
that have seen rapid declines in recent years. Due to its experience
with British Columbia fisheries, EESG was able to implement its
EasyHails™ system with minor changes. In the Northeast US, EasyHails™ is
now serving various sectors along with a major international fisheries
monitoring company.

The electronic hails module of EasyHails™ is the first of many such
modules under development by EESG. Future modules will include
electronic catch logs that skippers can fill in at sea, as well as data
capture in the field for dockside monitors and observers that are placed
onboard vessels. This suite of data gathering tools will offer a
complete electronic view of each fishing trip and will be made available
to fishing industries around the world.

According to Bryan Stevenson, vice-president and partner at EESG, “The
global fishing industry is rapidly adopting better methods of
monitoring, and the groundfish fleet in the Northeast US is a prime
example. Our software is based on nearly a decade of experience working
with Fisheries and Oceans Canada in the Pacific Region, and we are
bringing the benefit of that experience to the world. Our aim is to
assist in protecting ocean resources and to help the people that rely
upon a healthy fishing industry through innovative technology”.

About Electric Edge Systems Group Inc.

Electric Edge Systems Group (EESG) designs, creates, maintains and
supports major software systems for clients in various business sectors,
with a focus in fisheries management systems. EESG has experienced
growth and success since it was founded in 2000. Organizations use
EESG’s expertise to build, adapt, and extend systems for modern business
needs. EESG’s experienced staff and mature product development
methodology allow clients to focus on their business without having to
worry about their software. EESG has developed and continues to develop
strong relationships in the world wide fisheries management market.

Electric Edge Systems Group

Media Contact
Bryan Stevenson
(250) 480-0642

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