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February 22, 2012

VICTORIA, BC, Feb 21, 2012 — KANO/APPS is a social gaming company founded in October 2008 by Eric Haight, Tim Teh, and Eric Alpini, three Vancouver Islanders who met through the University of Victoria’s Computer Science and Engineering program.

In 2008 they met Dave Maestri, aptly called the godfather of social gaming after he created of one of Facebook’s first and best social games, "Mob Wars." After collaborating on a few projects together, Haight, Teh, and Alpini partnered with Maestri to bootstrap KANO/APPS.

Three years later, KANO/APPS has yet to accept external funding, pulls significant profit and is quickly expanding. Together with their bright and ever growing team, the founders have maintained complete control over the company’s direction, and over the past three years have politely turned down offers of investment and acquisition, preferring to retain their independence. In doing so, they’ve remained nimble and created a culture where the input of the newest hire is taken as seriously as that of the CEO.

The soundness of this strategy became quickly apparent in the company’s early success. In their first year, with only a handful of employees, they launched two games, "Viking Clan" and "Pirate Clan," and rocketed to hundreds of thousands of dedicated users.

A big part of that was making compelling, immersive role-playing games. Another was extending KANO’s office policy of open communication to their players. KANO builds games, but more than that, they want to create a vibrant community centered on play, and toward that end they hold constant conversation with their players. KANO is proud to be an indie developer, and they value the closeness that unique position affords them with their users. The input, feedback and engagement of the community are paramount to KANO/APPS. Based on those principles they continued their achievements into year two, releasing two more games, "Zombie Slayer" and "Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra," with similar success.

In 2011 the momentum continued. KANO/APPS moved to a larger office and doubled employees. They released a fifth game, "Hollywood Zombies," and adapted "Zombie Slayer" as part of their first venture into mobile gaming. They entered the platform market with KANO/GAMES. And they developed even more ongoing projects that promise to make 2012 KANO’s most successful year yet. They plan to delve deeper into the mobile market and experiment with next generation games using new HTML5 technology.

What these born-and-bred west coasters don’t plan on doing is leaving Vancouver Island. They love living in a modern city 20 minutes from untouched Pacific wilderness. They love being able to eat breakfast in Victoria, have a business lunch in San Francisco, and be home in time for dinner.

They make every effort to give back to the community they love, whether it’s sponsoring a Game Jam at UVic or a gathering of gifted minds at Tedx Victoria, or working closely with charities to better the community. They share their entrepreneurial expertise internationally too, having serving on panels at the 2011 Game Developers Conference in Shanghai.

KANO has come a long way since October 2008. They look forward to driving even harder in the future. In the coming years KANO/APPS will continue to cement their reputation as a developer of immersive, innovative, and compelling social games, and as a company that unites people through play. 

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