Bringing humanity to a tech-fuelled world – Q&A with Kate O’Neill

Source: Douglas Magazine

Author: Amanda Wilson


As our world accelerates its love affair with technology, we’re always in danger of losing what it was initially built to do: serve humans. Kate O’Neill has stepped into the space between purpose and service, helping industry and business put people first and technology second in a way that helps drive engagement and revenue.

O’Neill is one of the keynote speakers at Vancouver Island Economic Alliance’s upcoming Economic Summit, presented virtually October 27 – 29.

She describes herself as a strategist and futurist who helps business and humanity prepare for change at exponential scale, such as with emerging tech, big data, climate change. She specializes in guiding business and civic leaders to be both successful and respectful with human-centric data and technology, and by helping people better understand the human impact of emerging technologies.

She has over two decades of experience and entrepreneurship leading innovations across technology, marketing, and operations in category-defining companies. Her impressive resume includes working for Netflix in its early iteration, founding [meta]marketer, a first-of-its-kind analytics and digital strategy agency, developing Toshiba America‘s first intranet, and leading cutting-edge experience optimization work at

O’Neill is now the founder and CEO of KO Insights, a strategic advisory and consultancy firm and has traveled the world speaking, writing, advising, and advocating for the future of humanity in an increasingly tech-driven world.

She is the author of four books, including her latest, Tech Humanist, and she was recently named to the 2020 Thinkers50 Radar, a global ranking of management thinkers, among other accolades.

Douglas spoke to O’Neill about her work and what she’ll discuss in her keynote speech at the VIEA Economic Summit.

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