Commissioner launches PrivacyRight program for BC’s private sector

Source: oipc.bc

Commissioner launches PrivacyRight program for BC’s private sector

VICTORIA—BC Information and Privacy Commissioner Michael McEvoy has launched a new initiative called PrivacyRight to assist private organizations with understanding their obligations under the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). 

More than a million organizations in BC collect the personal information of employees, customers, clients, members, and patients. This information can range from basic personal information to very sensitive medical information, as PIPA covers businesses, non-profits, doctor’s offices, trade unions, and more.

“Our message to BC organizations is clear: privacy compliance is not only their legal obligation, it is also good for business,” says Commissioner McEvoy. “Privacy is on everyone’s radar today and it’s a growing concern with British Columbians. On the 15th anniversary of PIPA we are pleased to introduce these educational webinars, animated pop-up videos, podcasts, and guidance documents to help private organizations.” 

The free online program will cover topics such as the basic obligations of PIPA, the importance of effective privacy management programs, how to write a privacy policy, responding to access requests, and more. New tools will be published on the first Wednesday of each month during 2019 on the OIPC website.

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