COVID-19: Become an Activist by VIATEC Member, Mind Strength Balance

Source: Author: Lincoln Stoller, PhD


"There is no one truth that fits all, but there is one truth that no group will announce, and that’s your truth…
Science might save you from COVID-19, but none of the voices you hear speak for science. Neither politicians, the media, or doctors discover anything. How about we take these people by the seats of their pants and kick them in the right direction?"


This article includes a recorded a piece called “Unwinding the Negative,” a guided visualization to finding a more relaxed and empowered attitude. An affirmation that you have power and that you are safe. Listen to this piece to become grounded and goal oriented.

This article also includes a self-hypnosis audio to strengthen your resistance to negative media, confidence in your health, and insights into the nature of the virus.

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