COVID-19 Survey - Results Summary

On March 18, VIATEC circulated a survey to the Victoria tech community to try and capture and assess the likely impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis. Over 100 local tech companies took the time to provide their thoughts, concerns and expectations related to this unprecedented period of physical isolation.

Tech companies are better positioned than most to quickly adapt their operation and increase their existing use of remote working tools. The results show that tech leaders are largely optimistic about their company’s resiliency in the short term but the high level of uncertainty reduces their confidence in maintaining revenues and employment levels the longer the crisis continues.

We expect these numbers to continue to fluctuate as things develop, but we believe this is a reasonable representation of the Victoria’s tech sector’s views as of today. We anticipate following up with another survey in the coming 2-4 weeks to evaluate how things are developing.

In addition to the survey, VIATEC has compiled a list of COVID-19 resources that can be accessed here.