Federal Government Streamlines Access For Larger Companies

Federal Government Streamlines Access For Larger Companies

To better support Canadian businesses, several federal organizations have come together under a new program called AGS - the Accelerated Growth Service - offering coordinated and client-tailored assistance. The participating organizations are:

  • >  Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

  • >  Export Development Canada (EDC)

  • >  National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

  • >  Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service

  • >  Regional Development Agencies (such as WD)

Fuel your growth with personalized access to the right services

With so many government support programs in place, it can be difficult to juggle multiple contacts and service options for your business. The Accelerated Growth Service (AGS) simplifies the process by providing you with individual and timely support. Whether you need financing, consulting, or other services related to typical growth challenges, AGS can help you to:

Open many doors with one key – You work with a dedicated business lead who learns about the unique growth requirements of your business and then connects you with a team from participating organizations whose programs best meet your needs. You will also be connected to other government and business organizations.

Save time by accessing expedited services – Your business lead directs you to the right federal programs at the right time, so you won’t have to spend time searching for them yourself. You are also directed to the proper contact within each organization, saving you valuable time.

Face challenges at every stage of growth – Your business lead provides ongoing comprehensive support as your business grows, helping you face evolving challenges and identify the proper government assistance you need. 

Is AGS right for you?

The answer is “yes!” if you have:

  • >  More than $5M in revenue

  • >  The history, capacity and willingness to grow

  • >  Strong management

  • >  An interest in export markets

  • >  A focus on innovation

  • >  And are ready to invest the time and resources to grow 

If you are interested in someone from AGS contacting you with more information, please contact Rob Bennett by e-mail at rbennett@viatec.ca.