FreshWorks Studio wins "Best Immigrant Entrepreneur" at Small Business BC Awards

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Author: Samarth Mod

FreshWorks Studio wins "Best Immigrant Entrepreneur" at Small Business BC Awards

Blog from Samarth Mod (February 25, 2018) - It takes a lot of work, courage and determination to run & grow a business as we have a new opportunity and a new challenge almost every day. The challenges used to bog me down but now I have gotten better at dealing with them. I try to stay positive & use humor when appropriate to destress else 60-80 hour work weeks would unsustainable.

We won the 2018 Small Business BC "Best Immigrant Entrepreneur" award last night. I have been told that the audience enjoyed our fun & humorous victory speech on the link below. Please check it out and hope you enjoy it too.

Best Immigrant Entrepreneur - Finalists in 2017 to winners in 2018

We are incredibly grateful to Canada for embracing us and we are giving back by growing FreshWorks Studio from 3 employees to over 45 employees in last 2 years. It is an amazing feeling to have won this award and getting recognized in front of an amazing audience. We are fortunate to have selected University of Victoria for our MBA and VIATEC for our incubation at an early stage. 

We would like to thank Praveen Varshney for helping us out in the beginning stages with his social capital and Ian Bailey for mentoring us in the public sector space.

Finally, we would like to thank Government of British Columbia for their mandate to use small companies and startups for application development. Lastly, we have an amazing team at FreshWorks Studio and you are invited to visit our HQ in Victoria to see our culture and meet our hard working team.

We have been down and out multiple times in the past but hard work, persistence, patience, positive attitude, good heart and right connections helped us through the tough times. Here's to everyone who is working hard to make their dreams a reality.

Click below to see their acceptance speech: