UVic offers up course to improve your requirements collection process

UVic offers up course to improve your requirements collection process

Gathering, analyzing and communicating requirements is a key activity that can make or break a software project. At UVic we are teaching a course in which the students learn techniques for such activities. They typically apply them in student projects, gaining some insight into the difficulties but also strategies to overcome in the requirements engineering process. The goal of this proposal is to extend the students’ experience beyond the classroom while attempting to benefit the local industry in Victoria. 

This project:

  1. Provides UVic’s graduates with the opportunity to learn about requirements engineering practices at Victoria’s software companies as well as
  2. Enhances the relationship between UVic’s Software Engineering entity and Victoria’s software industry

​Proposed involvement in this partnership
The UVic students are enrolled in a Requirements Engineering course at UVic’s BSENG Program (Bachelor of Software Engineering) and conduct a course project. 

In the second part of their project, this partnership allows them to also analyze a software company’s methods/processes to gather, analyze and communicate requirements with their customer base. The students are then tasked to produce a report on these practices. The report (1) reflects upon these practices relative to the techniques learned in the classroom and (2) recommend areas for improvements in the company’s processes/methods. 

The software company agrees to be contacted by a group of students in the course (typically 5-6 students) and coordinates a number of visits to the company (as appropriate) during which the students learn about their methods/processes for requirements gathering, analysis and communication to their customers. 

Period of involvement

The UVic course runs for 13 weeks between January and beginning of April 2017.
The students will be expected to conduct this study with the software company for about 6 weeks during mid February and late March. The companies are then invited to a final course presentation of all groups in the course and receive their report.

Software companies who are already participating in this project include: BeanStream, sendwithus, SierraSystems, Checkfront and Referral Saasquatch. 

We are looking for registrations no later than January 15th. To register, please contact Rob Bennett at rbennett@viatec.ca