Latitude Technologies starts Satcom deliveries to Pilatus for the new PC-24

Victoria, BC (November 3, 2016) - Latitude Technologies is pleased to announce the start of deliveries of the SkyNode S200 Iridium based Satcom system to Pilatus aircraft for the new Pilatus PC-24 business jet scheduled for delivery in 2017.  The popular SkyNode Satcom was selected over others, due to its lightweight feature-rich robust design and appealing value.   The SkyNode S200 boasts remote configuration, phonebook, hold, flash and redial functions. There are over 2000 SkyNode units in operation worldwide making the SkyNode S200 a viable option for nearly any mission.  "We are very excited to start delivering S200's", stated Mark Insley President, Latitude Technologies, "Moving into 2017, our focus on business jet customers and new products will enhance our OEM partnership with Pilatus well into the future".

The PC-24 is the world's first business jet to be equipped with a cargo door as standard, with takeoff and landing performance that allows the use of very short and even unmade runways. The jet also boasts a spacious cabin with an interior which can be customised to accommodate individual customer needs. This is indeed a "Super Versatile Jet" - an aircraft designed for a wide variety of missions in line with specific requirements.

Latitude will be displaying at the National Business Aviation Association annual trade show in Orlando, November 1-3 at booth #2641

About Pilatus Aircraft 
Founded in 1939, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd is the only Swiss company to develop, produce and sell aircraft to customers around the world: from the legendary Pilatus Porter PC-6 to the best-selling PC-12, a single-engine turboprop, and the PC-21, the training system of the future. Pilatus' newest aircraft is the PC-24 - the world's first ever business jet that can be operated from short unprepared runways. Domiciled in Stans, Switzerland, the company is certified to ISO 14001 in recognition of its efforts for the environment. 

About Latitude:
Latitude Technologies Corp., headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, is an aerospace parts manufacturer and provider of flight data monitoring, flight following, and satellite data and voice communications equipment and services. Latitude's SkyNode® products are the most versatile and economical-to-operate aeronautical communication devices in the world. The company's IONode™ is the industry's foremost advanced data acquisition unit, capable of real-time event and exceedance alerts and automated post-flight wireless data transfer. Latitude's DL150 FANS 1/A+ Data Link is the first TSO'd lightweight multi-function SDU on the market. Latitude provides reliable and secure aviation data and communication options for crew safety, fleet logistics, and operations and maintenance efficiencies with the WebSentinel™ flight tracking and Latitude Flight Data Analytics™ web-based data management platforms for desktops, dispatch centers, and mobile devices.

For more information about Latitude's flight data and satcom solutions, visit or call 1-888-966-5599.