LlamaZOO Interactive releases 2016/2017 Production Reel

LlamaZOO Interactive releases 2016/2017 Production Reel

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In this video you will see clips from:

- Smart Shores: Helps community risk management visualize shorelines and potential areas of water flooding. Built in Unity, features such as texture streaming, drone/aerial image based photogrammetry and GIS data to recreate a vast open area. Real-time day/night cycle with accurate longitude/latitude representation of sun/moon and sky. Animated displacement shader for water simulation.

- EasyAnatomy EdTech Platform: Launched in Sept 2016, the EasyAnatomy edTech platform facilitates the distribution of complex 3D educational content, includes functionality for exploring, dissecting, layering, and fading content, as well as adding custom notes, creating annotations, and 3D positional bookmarks all stored on the cloud. Students studying anatomy can access over 1000 quiz questions written by professors, and delivered through an AI based adaptive quizzing system, ensuring students study at a personally relevant cadence. Built over 2 years, the EasyAnatomy canine content was created from a base of MRI/CT scans with collaboration from leading Veterinary professors and institutions from around the world, and represents the world's most comprehensive 3D library of veterinary anatomy content.

- Jetson MR/VR: Represents states of the art mixed and virtual reality educational content only available to our institutional clients. The worlds first VR cadaver dissection tool, allows for the exploration of the entire EasyAnatomy canine anatomy systems with room scale spatial inputs. Jetson VR was captured as a mixed reality video using Blueprint Reality's (https://blueprintreality.com/) Mixcast.

- Mine Life VR: Developed for Teck Resources, allows for stakeholders to visualize the 50 years of mine planning data which goes into an open pit mine. Includes recreation of an explorable 10x10km region from GIS data, with year cycling to show terrain deformation, points of interest labels, and natural user interface for navigating the environment similar to Google Earth VR, without producing motion sickness. 9Gb of textures are streamed on 10 streaming landscapes equal to 30m polygons, with simulated ground level details such as grass and trees, running at +90fps on GTX 1070!

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