MetaLab offers last Big Nerd Ranch seats to VIATEC Members

MetaLab is bringing world renowned developer trainers to Victoria March 10-11 and 14-18. Big Nerd Ranch (they train Facebook and Apple developers in iOS) will provide an intense iOS + Swift bootcamp to cross train a large group of MetaLab engineering staff in iOS... And MetaLab has 5 spots left for VIATEC Members to purchase! It's incredibly hard to find people with the right iOS skills, so they thought, hey, why don't we just train everyone and invest the time and money to do it properly?

Course outline:

MetaLab has 5 spots left in the course, and they want them to go to VIATEC Members.

Typical cost is $5,200 USD, not including getting to their ranch in California or Atlanta. MetaLab is selling the seats for $5,000 CDN* each, which, if you consider how rare and sought after iOS skills are in Victoria, is an absolute drop in the bucket compared to impact of having iOS skills in-house!

Interested Parties can contact Elexa Styan (

*Quick Note about Job Grants BC: You'd be unable to apply for this grant unfortunately due to MetaLab hiring BNR directly.