National program launches to provide AI-enabled supply chain companies with access to resources

The Volta AI Program, in partnership with Scale AI, provides eligible AI-enabled supply chain companies access to funding, programming, workshops, consulting, global events, and much more.

To qualify for this program, companies must meet specific eligibility requirements – which include, but are not limited to – being based and operating in Canada; having a focus on applied AI and intelligent supply chain products and/or services; it must demonstrate evidence of customer interest and traction, among other requirements.

Volta AI will accelerate the growth of new ventures by augmenting existing resources and building new programming that founders can capitalize on. The program will attract more AI supply chain focused companies to the Atlantic Canadian ecosystem and provide them with the required connections and support to create added value for their venture.

Companies will receive up to $14,000 to spend over the course of one year on offerings and services to help grow their venture. Along with funding and programming, participants will gain access to experts and investors in the AI space. All companies will be required to have regular communication with the Volta team, which will include reporting for accountability.


Application period: Tuesday, October 20 to Monday, November 23, 2020 @11:59pm
Applications details can be found on the Volta website
Applications accepted at:

Program start date: Early January 2021 via Zoom. Dates and times TBA.