Old School Advice for Startups

Source: Douglas Magazine
Author: Jim Hayhurst

Old School Advice for Startups

In an era hooked on shiny new ideas, it’s important to revisit some old-fashioned business rules that are still relevant for today’s startups.

Less than a year before the Great Crash of 1929 — and more than 40 years before the Mad Men era — my grandfather started an ad agency. He announced it with a printed card.

Like any startup, his company needed to do three things to get noticed: Concisely present its story (the cover was almost tweetable); demonstrate relevant experience (his dad came from an established agency) and declare the company “persona” (classy and understated, just like my grandfather).

People who worked for my grandfather’s ad agency told me it succeeded because it kept things simple. And so, perhaps it’s not a bad time to revisit some Old School Golden Rules that remain relevant for startups today.

It’s not about your grass seed. It’s about their lawn...