Past 10 to Watch Winner: Catching Up with Echosec

Source: Douglas Magazine
Author: Belle White

Past 10 to Watch Winner: Catching Up with Echosec

Echosec The social media monitoring company has learned that there is never a better time for your business than the present.


Echosec develops the tools to monitor social-media posts and provide analytics and data to clients such as Motorola and the U.S. defence department. The company was announced as a Douglas 10 to Watch winner in the Spring of 2016.

“The 10 to Watch award came at a time when, as a company, we needed the validation and support of our peers in the business community,” says Karl Swannie, CEO of Echosec. “[The] 10 to Watch [awards] provided a massive shot of confidence to our team and it came exactly when it was needed.”


In the three years since their 10 to Watch win, Echosec has grown into a global business. Echosec’s big idea has been featured in media such as BBC, and been featured at TEDx Fort McMurray in 2015, but Swannie says that the company is based on so much more than a successful idea.