Redbrick Closes the Engagement Gap with Global Launch of DeskMetrics

Software analytics platform provides solution to the forgotten desktop developer 

Victoria, BC, Canada - May 9, 2016 - Redbrick, a leading product development company, will launch the newest version of its desktop software analytics technology, DeskMetrics on Wednesday, June 8th in Tel Aviv, Israel, where it does the majority of its expansive international business.  Having acquired DeskMetrics earlier this spring, Redbrick is now preparing to launch the updated version of the software globally.

“DeskMetrics answers the demand of a market that has been completely underserved for a very long time and we know that first hand,” said Michael Foucher, Director of Product at Redbrick. “It is a simple and powerful solution for developers that allows them to integrate our SDK and, within minutes, get detailed data on runtime intelligence: advertising sources, installations, downloads, customer engagement, and sales. With error and funnel reporting going live in the coming weeks, the feedback we’re getting from developers is that this is the critical information they need to iterate, and ultimately engage, more users.”

“From our oldest partners to new clients, the initial response to DeskMetrics is extremely positive and that is very exciting for our team. We’ve been building, iterating, and actually using the platform internally here at Redbrick for over two years and launching it under the DeskMetrics brand is hugely rewarding. The final product is something we are proud of and we can’t wait to celebrate the launch with some of our largest partners from around the world this June in Israel,” said Tobyn Sowden, CEO of Redbrick.

Redbrick is not setting any limits on what the product can and will be able to do for its customers, but first making sure that the most popular open source installers: Inno Setup and NSIS, as well as the most common desktop software development languages: C++ and C# are taken care of.  From landing page to application, and cart checkout, DeskMetrics is enabling full life cycle coverage of the user in a way that no platform has done before.  With Israel representing 60% of its international revenue, the event in Tel Aviv is set to turn heads in the industry.

Some exciting new features are coming down the pipeline quickly, with Redbrick’s nimble, Canada-based team focused on SDKs for Chrome extensions, Mac OS and Electron -based applications. These are expected to be released in the coming months.

About Redbrick

Redbrick is a product development company focused on desktop software analytics and distribution. They have become a leader in data-driven insights and provide unparalleled expertise around user engagement. Redbrick is a trusted partner for thousands of software professionals, with over 2.5 billion events analyzed and more than 500,000 users across 200 countries. For more information, please visit

About DeskMetrics

DeskMetrics was launched in October 2010, providing desktop software analytics to developers. The product filled the demand of a growing number of developers looking for ways to better-understand user engagement. In March 2016, DeskMetrics was acquired by Redbrick. This acquisition marks the next generation of Redbrick’s technology, branded as DeskMetrics, and comprises a core part of the company’s product line. For more information, please visit

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