Regroove Solutions builds mobile app to host and play live, virtual bingo

Playing Live Rockstar Bingo with Custom Mobile App Development


The owner of Regroove Solutions, Sean Wallbridge, saw an opportunity to transform live performances and to connect people through fun competition.

Sean loves playing drums in front of a live audience in his band, Supersauce. The band is well known in the local Victoria music scene, playing dozens of venues including the Christmas Craft Beer Show, and Rockstar Nights live karaoke competitions.

This band experience drove Sean to partner with his friend and co-worker Matt Longpre. Longpre brought his skills as a musician, designer, and developer to create the virtual bingo game app to bring people together in a unique way. The duo envisioned the bingo game as a fun, interactive experience that people had not seen before, backed by a live band. The app would provide a fully functioning bingo game for any pub, party, or social gathering so that people can play together while listening to their favourite music.

The project started as a way for Supersauce to power the live band edition of Rockstar Bingo. Yet it became clear that there was also a market for a game that could also exist as a standalone band-less experience. The appearance of Covid-19 during the project also made it clear that the app created a fun virtual space for friends to connect and have fun in a safe, socially distanced way.

At the project’s inception, the goal was to produce an app capable of hosting a bingo game that met the following requirements:

  • The game can be played with a music playlist or with a live band.
  • The game allows the hosts to create a game that connects to any Spotify playlist.
  • The game does not require players to install an app from an app store.
  • The game can restore a player’s game progress if they exit the game unexpectedly (i.e., internet disconnect).


Rockstar Bingo is now an audio-based bingo platform that everyone in the room can listen to and play from their mobile devices.

The host of a Rockstar Bingo game sets up a game by selecting the playlist to use. They have three options:

  1. There are predefined playlists available that a host can use to start playing instantly.
  2. The host can also link the game to use any premade Spotify playlist with 75 or more songs.
  3. A set list of songs is available for band members to view if the game is combined with a live performance.

The host then invites players into the game by sending them a website link and a game code, visible on the game admin page.

The game admin page also holds the lobby where the host can admit invited players.

The host can see the bingo cards for all players once the game starts and monitor player progress throughout the game.

Players access the bingo game by navigating to a URL in an internet browser on their mobile device. They do not need to install an app to play. They enter the game by typing the code given to them by the host and a real or nickname to play with in the Join Game screen.

Players do not need to setup a user account with a password or email address to attend or organize a game.

User’s data is cached during the game so that even if their internet disconnects or their phone dies, they can rejoin and pick up right where they left off.

A short sample of a song is played aloud, and players mark their cards by tapping the card square that contains the song title if it is on their card. Once tapped, a square containing the correct title will turn blue so players can see their progress. Once they have a completed line on their card, a button below their card becomes clickable for them to “call Bingo” through the app...