Running a Successful Business Starts with You [Blog]

Source: Douglas Magazine
Author: Clemens Rettich

During a recent speaking engagement on growing autonomous enterprises, a business owner raised his hand and said, “My workforce is completely disengaged. With how hard it is to hire experienced people, I’ve had to hire a lot of “green” millennials. I’ve never seen a more disengaged bunch of people. How do I grow a business on that?”

To clarify, I asked, “Are you talking about your whole team?” He responded that it wasn’t all of his team members, but most.

As respectfully as possible, I said it was extremely unlikely that a whole group of people were all disengaged because of who they were (the dreaded “millennials” in this case).

In fact, the cause of the disengagement was most likely sitting in the room. There was just no way for me to say it respectfully then and there.

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