Talking Victoria’s video game industry with Eric Jordan [Audio]

Author: Jon Williams

Talking Victoria’s video game industry with Eric Jordan

I first met Eric Jordan at the Discover Tectoria event in Crystal Gardens last year. The Boss said I was going to broadcast The Midday Zone from the event for four hours, and good luck trying to meet all the amazingly talented people that will be gathered there.

He was right! What an amazing event, that I might add is completely free to attend. Discover Tectoria is a one-day exposition of more than 70 Greater Victoria technology firms and research agencies [which is this February 24th].

Eric Jordan is the head of Codename Entertainment. Doesn’t he look good in that kilt :).

His passion and voice for the video game sector had to be heard in The Zone. So as we approach the Discover Tectoria 2017 event, I had to get him in for a chat about his world, and how others can get involved in it.


Here’s our natter.

With regard to our chat, here is some further information that Eric sent me...

Student Work Experience Program Details
Runs: April – May 2017
Each week placement will run Mon – Thur.
Hours will be 9:30 am – 3 pm
Open to grade 11 and 12 students only.
Details HERE.

Tsukino Con – this is an anime convention at UVic on Feb 17-19. Eric will be moderating a panel discussing working in the video game industry.
Details HERE.

LANTasy is a local gaming convention that takes place at Perks Arena on Mar 18-19. There will be a panel discussing working in the video game industry, plus there will be a booth which once again showcases various facets of the industry in Victoria. Details HERE.

In terms of local resources that folks can check out, Eric suggests IGDA Victoria. This is the local chapter of the International Game Developer Association. They have regular events (several a month), plus 2 big game jams a year: Global Game Jam and OrcaJam. Details HERE.

In terms of tech stats, according to VIATEC’s 2014 Economic Impact Study, tech in greater Victoria has $3.15 billion in annual revenues from 884 local tech companies which employee a total of 15,000 people, plus another 8,000 people who work to support the tech industry or in tech focused jobs in other industries. Details HERE.

Recently (last week), C Stat’s released their “Profile of the British Columbia Technology Sector: 2016 Edition”. This showed that for the first time the total number of people working in technology has exceeded 100,000 (which is more than the employment of all natural resources combined). Combined tech revenue reached a new record of
$26.3 billion and the tech industry average salary is 75% more than the average BC wage. Details HERE.

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