Make coding a daily habit and learn JavaScript. Our 21-Day Coding Challenge launches Nov. 1. It's a free online learning curriculum that involves completing one task each day. 

Welcome to Codeville

You'll be running for re-election as the mayor of Codeville in the newest 21-Day Coding Challenge. During the three-week challenge, you'll lead an election campaign, implement smart city features to bring the town into the future, and to cap it off, throw a town festival.

To keep you motivated, we're offering more than $10,000 in prizes. Our grand prize is a trip for two to Austin, Texas, a U.S. tech hub, for three nights, and you'll be entered into the draw just by registering. Each challenge you complete opens up new prizes.

New to Coding? No Problem!

The 21DCC is open to everyone, regardless of previous coding experience. The challenge focuses on JavaScript, one of the most widely-used programming languages in the world, and knowing its concepts will look great on your resume, and help you skill-up. The key here is that you'll develop a coding habit, which will act as a foundation for continuous learning beyond just our 21-day challenge.

Ready to start? Click here to begin your coding journey.