VIATEC’s 2020-21 Board of Directors elected

Half of the board seats are now held by women for the first time

VICTORIA, BC (September 24, 2020) - The Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council (VIATEC) held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) virtually for the first time today and the record setting number of votes has led to the organization boasting a board with half its seats being held by women for the first time.

VIATEC thanks everyone who ran and congratulates those who were newly elected and re-elected.


The 2020-2021 VIATEC Board of Directors (Newly Elected) are:

  1. Darren Beckwith, Barnacle Systems
  2. Sarah Gulbrandsen, RingPartner
  3. Corina Ludwig, FunctionFox
  4. Christina Jones, RaceRocks
  5. Rachel Greenspan, Tiny Capital

The 2020-2021 VIATEC Board of Directors (Returning/Re-Elected) are:

  1. Robert Bowness, BC Pension Corp (returning)
  2. Christina Gerow, Workday (returning)
  3. Mon Gill, Cuboh (returning)
  4. Justin Love, Limbic Media (returning)
  5. Owen Matthews, Wesley Clover (re-elected)
  6. Jason Morehouse, Checkfront (returning)
  7. Masoud Nassaji, DoubleJump (returning)
  8. Erin Skillen, Amira Health (re-elected)
  9. Brad Williams, Echosec (re-elected)

The following positions were also assigned and voted for by the board:

  • Board Chair - Brad Williams
  • Vice Chair - Justin Love
  • Chair of the Finance Committee - Robert Bowness
  • Chair of the Governance Committee - Erin Skillen
  • VIATEC Foundation Committee - Robert Bowness

“For the first time, our board consists of half the seats being filled by women,” says Dan Gunn, CEO of VIATEC. “This is uncommon for almost any type of board and is especially unique in the tech sector. We are proud that our ongoing efforts attracted so many highly qualified women as nominees and that our members put their support behind them. Diversity, equity and inclusion remain top priorities for VIATEC and the makeup of our new board will go a long way to demonstrating the importance and impact of diversity on our organization and community.”

Gunn continued, “VIATEC has long enjoyed significant interest in our annual board elections and this year not only carried on that tradition, but I think it was even more impressive due to the diversity and quality of the candidates. It must have been very tough for each of our voting members to choose from the great roster that came forward. We hope the candidates not elected this year will continue to participate in our tech community and put their names forward again soon.” 

“We updated our voting process this year to provide a platform for online advanced voting and with 3x more votes than we typically see in person, we are confident this new approach is the most convenient and inclusive for our members.”

Full bios of each board member can be found here.

VIATEC’s 2019-2020 Annual Report can be found here.



Paula Parker
Community Manager
Cell: 604-440-2686


*7 board members were elected. Additionally, the 8th highest vote receiver was appointed to a one-year term following the AGM, making the final count of 8 seats filled.