Victoria-based Echosec Launches "Beacon," an Anonymous Dark Web Search Tool for Security and Public Safety Organizations

Source: T-Net 

Victoria-based Echosec Launches "Beacon," an Anonymous Dark Web Search Tool for Security and Public Safety Organizations

Victoria, BC, April 8, 2019--(T-Net)--Echosec, a leader in online data aggregation and information discovery announced this week that it has launched Beacon, a dark web search platform. 

Beacon is a dark web intelligence tool that helps security teams and public safety professionals find key information from the dark web safely through a regular web browser. 

Previously, the only way to access the dark web was through a TOR browser.

The dark web is non-indexed and non-secure, yet searching it is crucial for security and public safety organizations as it is a hotbed for nefarious activity. Beacon provides users a single point of entry into the dark web and presents critical information in a structured and consistent way. Organization of dark web data makes analysis of it more efficient and threat intelligence actionable for law enforcement, security and risk managers.

"Beacon helps teams to quickly identify information that can prepare them for the worst-case scenario" says Michael Raypold, Chief Technology Officer of Echosec. "Through Beacon, users can identify threats quickly and enable efficient issues management."

A basic Beacon search can provide intelligence on subjects like drug trafficking, sale of firearms and hacker data.


A search conducted on April 2, 2019 found 42272 instances of hacker data using the keyword "Canadian," likewise drugs returned 1329 and gun 593 results respectively. More advanced search functions in Beacon have produced results like information on the sale of social security numbers and identities, email addresses, credit card numbers. Beacon found 1310 results for PIN's (Personally Identifiable Information) on April 2.

Beacon is commercially available and is simple and safe to interact with for users of all backgrounds. However, due to the sensitive nature of the dark web, Echosec meets with potential customers to review and approve their case before providing access. Echosec says it also takes steps to ensure Beacon use is compliant with Canadian privacy laws and data provider terms. More information about Beacon may be found at

About Echosec

Echosec is a web-based data discovery platform that helps organizations detect online data for threat intelligence. Aggregating and mapping content from hundreds of sources including social media, blogs, news, and the Dark Web (with Beacon), Echosec gives users instant visibility into any place on earth through a digital window. Echosec uses machine learning technology to recognize Images and keywords so users get notified when specific content is posted. Beacon is the newest service offering from Echosec, and is a dark web search platform. For more information, please visit: