Victoria’s Redbrick tops $80M in annual revenue


It takes more than an idea to build a successful company. It takes leadership, a mix of resources, investment capital, and most importantly, people. Victoria’s Redbrick serves as a great example. In 2011, the company started out as an intimate, red-brick office of software developers — and has since grown into a global portfolio of disruptive tech-first companies that are engaging audiences around the world.  

What do they do exactly? The innovators and investors at Redbrick acquire products that they scale into disruptive digital companies. One of these products is Leadpages, which Redbrick acquired this past March. It’s a no-code website builder enabling entrepreneurs and small-business marketers to easily build and publish websites. As a result of the acquisition, Redbrick’s annual revenue run rate increased to an impressive $80M in 2020. 

To accelerate the company’s growth and with $24,300 in support from Innovate BC’s Tech Co-op Grants Program, Redbrick has hired nine co-op students over the past two years. Innovate BC talked to Isla Swanwick, Redbrick’s People Operations Coordinator, to learn more about their company and find out about their experience working with co-op students.