About VIH Helicopters Ltd.

VIH Helicopters Ltd is Canada's oldest privately owned helicopter company having been in continuous operation since its incorporation in 1955. VIH has strategically located bases and offices in western Canada, Peru, China, and Australia, that service domestic and international contracts for a global clientele. VIH employs a team of 150 experienced and highly skilled professionals.. VIH Helicopters Ltd. operates a diverse fleet of 40 helicopters made up of 10 different models from the world's leading helicopter manufacturers, including Sikorsky, Kamov, Eurocopter and Bell. In particular, the Kamov KA32A11BC is built specifically for slinging/long line operations. Its unique coaxial rotor system makes ultimate use of the 4500 shp. generated by turbine engines, providing enhanced stability and power reserves for long-line operations. Reliability, and a lift capacity of 11,000 lbs and high productivity make the KA32 an effective heavy-lift helicopter for specialized requirements such as power line and pipeline construction, heli-logging, and forest-fire fighting. The Sikorsky S61 is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art composite main rotor blades that add up to 20% to airspeed, lift and fuel economy. These composite blades bring the max lift into the 8,500 to 10,000 lb range depending on flight distance, altitude, and temperature. VIH helicopters Ltd. can be equipped to handle any task. Each aircraft has stretcher capability, shoulder harnesses, bubble observation windows, GPS global positioning navigation systems, intercom systems, multi-radio capability and other specialized equipment for virtually any need. VIH Helicopters Ltd. also has a complete inventory of under-slung support equipment ready for immediate deployment. Bambi fire fighting buckets, drip torches, long line hook assemblies, multi-hook carousels, fertilizing and seeding buckets, cone rakes, grapples, fixed or emergency "pop-out" floats, sling gear, cargo nets, and other under-slung devices are readily available. A custom developed remote controlled nose-mount camera system for digital videography is available for any variety of projects. VIH pilots and aircraft maintenance personnel receive annual and specialized training programs to maintain a leadership role in the industry and to keep them at the forefront of available technology and safety programs. These highly professional crews use their experience and skills to provide a multitude of specialty services in various industrial sectors such as forestry, oil and gas, mining exploration, and tourism. VIH delivers these expert services to a growing clientele both domestically and globally.

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1962 Canso Road
North Saanich
V8L 5V5

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  • Al Lewis

  • Steve Leckie

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