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 Youneeq is an award winning artificial intelligence engine that creates individual user experiences for site owners and increases their revenue and engagement level.

Be the first to tap into new revenue streams with Youneeq's suite of tools that open you up to new business models and decrease your costs.



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Company Quick Description

Youneeq is an award winning artificial intelligence engine that creates real time individual user experiences and real time data marketing

Products & Services

Youneeq creates 1to1 customer experiences for every single one of your users. Youneeq makes sure no two users see the same content, products or other materials. Just the content that they're interested in.

Youneeq's Real Time Data Analytics Tools enable customers to see a net increase in ad revenue, user engagement , mobile traffic , social media traffic, and a decrease in costs.

Youneeq's Real Time Customer Insights - Optimize & Individualize  customer experiences with Real Time Customer Insights.

Youneeq's Real Time Data Driven Marketing - Takes the guesswork out of online marketing decisions. Enabling sound business decisions in real time based on sound user data and not just a hunch.

Youneeq redefines and personalizes the mobile experience for your users. Youneeq reduces the level of user frustration on the mobile platform and increases channel revenues and opportunities.

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Murray Galbraith