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CAMACC Systems

Since opening shop in 1998, CAMACC Systems has become one of North America’s largest and best video and access control system integrators. What that means is we design, build, install, and service advanced video capture and storage technology to meet the needs of our customers. We’re really good at it.

The thing is, there really is no typical CAMACC customer. We work with small, medium and humongous organizations across many sectors: grocery, retail, petroleum, construction, education, financial services, gaming, and more! No matter how simple or complex the security requirements, CAMACC provides innovative, effective solutions.

Our Secret Sauce?

Simply put, we’re the best in the world at what we do. At it’s core, what we do is work with you to meet your video capture and storage needs, and then surprise you with how awesome and powerful our tools really are.

CAMACC Systems should never be confused with the traditional security contractor type of company. We work with those guys, and like them, but our job is a little different. We invent, build, install and service world-class video capture and storage technology, and the kick-ass software that runs it all.

With more than 70 years of combined senior leadership experience in developing innovative security solutions, CAMACC’s principals are well known in the security industry. They’re hands-on guys, bringing extensive expertise in comprehensive product development, marketing, manufacturing and international business development.

They’re also smart enough to know the value in hiring the best people across a surprisingly diverse range of business units – software developers, hardware designers and builders, bilingual technical support staff, highly-trained CCTV system design and installation experts, finance types, IT infrastructure people, and more.

Finally, the CAMACC sales philosophy has always been to rely on strong relationships with our customers – and they in turn act as our best sales people. Word of mouth works, especially when you do a good job. We never recommend or push a product that we don’t personally feel is in the best interest of the customer.



3xLOGIC Inc. has been a leading innovator in security technology for 15+ years. The company is recognized for providing easy-to-use surveillance and business intelligence solutions that seamlessly integrate video, access control, alarm audio and video verification, and disparate data sets such as ATM, Point-of-Sale, analytics, and more.

3xLOGIC’s business intelligence platform can mine enormous amounts of “dark data” and turn it into actionable information to drive positive organizational change. 3xLOGIC’s technology represents a new paradigm:  extracting more value from already-collected data to solve problems that have been eluding organizations for years.

In March 2015, 3xLOGIC acquired infinias, a well-established cloud-based access control provider. Now, the company offers a combined cloud-based access control and video surveillance solution, making 3xLOGIC one of the first providers of a fully-integrated cloud-based small business solution. The company’s Intelli-M access control platform showcases the signature beauty of the cloud—it scales from one door to thousands. 3xLOGIC counts more than 200,000 doors under management, with 50% serviced in the cloud, and no limit in sight.

3xLOGIC’s video surveillance solutions are engineered for highly cost-effective scalability and are remarkably simple to install, use and service. Employing the latest advances in NVR, VMS, IP camera, analytics, cloud, and access control technologies, the company delivers high-value business intelligence anywhere, anytime and from any device, including a user’s smartphone or PDA. The functionality for all 3xLOGIC solutions can be remotely monitored and managed, so end users are free to focus on their business. In addition, a managed services portfolio provides solutions that add significant value for the end-user, while enabling 3xLOGIC integrators to effectively evolve from dealers to high-value strategic partners.

3xLOGIC offers a full range of video surveillance solutions perfect for any security application. All of 3xLOGIC’s products have been explicitly designed for ease-of-installation, simplicity-of-use and unrivaled quality. It’s what sets 3xLOGIC apart from the competition.

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