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eCommerce, ERP, and Back Office Management System


Unlimited Users. Unlimited Products. Unlimited Orders.


Community Edition

  • Small and medium businesses can cut their overhead expenses 65% - 85%.

  • A unified eCommerce and Back Office System.

    • One database. One Business Logic. One Platform.

    • Real-time data & Business Rules.

    • Remove Synchronization Issues.

    • Cross-sell across Multiple Channels.

      • Web Store, POS, In-Store Kiosks, Phone Orders, Form Orders, Back Office





      • Medium to Enterprise Companies
      • 100% Customizable
        • Built-In User Role Designer to Customize Each Screen and Form
        • Search Screen Designer to Create Custom Search Screens
        • SDK Kit
        • Restful Web Services Layer
        • Third Party Modules such as Phone, MRP, SEO, 
        • Third Party Plugins
      • Analyze 100% of Your Data
        • Spot Trends Early
        • Design Forecasts of Scenarios
        • Develop Strategies to Changes in the Market
      • 100% Scalable
        • Designed to Scale with Your Business
        • Works with any SQL 2012 and 2014 Editions
        • Flexible N-Tier Side Architecture
        • Server Components Can Span Across Multiple Servers for High Performance Scenarios
        • "Local Cache" Database Moves Non-Essential Data Requests Off Server for Greater Scalability
          • I.E. User Roles, Data Dictionary, Postal Codes, Reports


ERP, POS, CRM, and CMS Married with eCommerce.



  • eCommerce:

    • Multi-store, Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, Multi-location, Multi-device.
    • Order Online, Pick up from Store.
    • Address Verification.
    • Substitute Out-of-stock Items and Accessories.
    • B2B & B2C Features.
    • Real-time Stock Availability across All Sales Channels.
    • User, User Group, Categories, and Websites:
      • Ability to Easily Set Wholesale or Retail Pricing Across Inventory Items for Users, User Groups, Categories, Websites, and Stores
      • Unlimited Price Lists Per Currency
      • Unlimited Price Schemes
      • Unlimited Discount Bands
  • POS:

    • Mobile & iPad & Desktop.
    • Stock Levels, Accounting Journals, and Customer Information Real-time.
    • Sell Items Seamlessly from Your Inventory.
    • Accept Cash, Credit Cards, Gift Certificates, Loyalty Points, & Gift Cards.
    • Supports Cash Registers, Barcode Scanners, and more.
    • Ability to Easily Set Wholesale or Retail Pricing Across Inventory Items for Users, User Groups, Categories, Websites, and Stores
      • Unlimited Price Lists Per Currency
      • Unlimited Price Schemes
    • Open Source for Flexibility.
  • CRM:

    • Automated. All Information to Track Your Sales Team's Performance.
    • Leads, Prospects, Opportunities, Campaigns, Cases, Activities, Group Calendaring.
    • Contact Information, Touch Points, & Opportunity Levels Shared Real-time from Any Channel to Engage Customers More Efficiently.
  • CMS: (Design Your Own Responsive eCommerce Webstore and Add Content)

    • Responsive. Do-It-Yourself Web Design.
    • Skin Builder with Drag, Drop, and Edit On the Fly Capability.
    • Add Sections Using Hundreds of Snippets.
    • More Advanced Users:
      • Can Edit HTML/CSS code with Favorite HTML Editor.
      • Modify Skins including Template, Stylesheets, XML Packages, and Tokens.
  • Customer Management:

    • Customer Activity Real-time.
    • Loyalty Programs Applied to All Sales Channels.
      • Web Store, POS, In-Store Kiosks, Phone Orders, Form Orders, Back Office.
    • Painless Merchandise Returns.
      • Manage Returns Based on Previous Orders or Items.
      • Convert RMAs to Credit Memos and Restock, Replace, or Dispose with Ease.
    • Risk-Free Credit Management
      • Manage and Eliminate Credit Risks with Cash Flow Management Tools.
    • Monitor Transactions in One Place.


  • Suppliers:

    • Direct Control of Your Supplier Transactions.
      • Supplier Requisitions and Purchases
      • Billing
      • Supplier Balances
    • One Page has All Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable, and Other Transaction Details.
    • Automatically Convert Approved Purchase Requisitions, Updating Inventory Levels Real-time.
    • Consolidate Multiple Purchase Orders into A Single Receipt.
    • Automatically Create Purchase Orders from:
      • Preset Reorder Points.
      • Sophisticated Standard Deviation Based Sales Forecasting Models.
    • Comprehensive Supplier Setup Tools:
      • Create Supplier Class Templates.
      • Calculate tax automatically by Creating Tax Components and Schemes.
      • Create Drop Ship Orders.
      • Create Other Functions that Make Your Processes Hassle-free.
      • Easy Supplier Returns and Debit Memos.
  • Inventory:

    • Sell Stock, Non-Stock, Items with Attributes, Services, Kits, Bundles, Assemblies, Electronic Downloads, Gift Certificates, and Gift Cards.
    • Hassle-Free Item Creation:
      • Item Wizard Lets You Choose the Items and Creates Display Fields for the Type
      • Item Class Templates to Speed Up Item Creation and Configuration
    • Automatic Item Allocation and Reservation
      • Real-time Inventory Levels and Information Across All Sales Channels
      • Automatically Reserve Item Quantities from Incoming Purchase Orders to Fulfill Orders for Items Already Out-of-Stock.
      • Customers Can Order Across All Sales Channels and Ship Later Date.
    • Advanced Pricing Options:
      • Ability to Easily Set Wholesale or Retail Pricing Across Inventory Items for Users, User Groups, Categories, Websites, and Stores
      • Unlimited Price Lists Per Currency
      • Unlimited Price Schemes
      • Unlimited Discount Bands
  • Warehouse:

    • Mobile Application - iOS
      • Changes Made in Warehouse Reflected Across System in Real-time.
      • Works on iPod Touch, iPad, IPhone.
      • Eliminates Paperwork.
      • Reduce Costs.
      • Supports Most Bluetooth Barcode Scanners.
        • Greatly Reduce Warehouse Errors
      • Item Picking
      • Item Packing
      • Item Receiving
      • Stock Transfers
      • Stock Adjustments
      • Physical Inventory
      • Shipment Label Printing


  • Accounting:

    • Automated and consolidated data entry.
    • Create Entries for Transactions As They Occur
      • General Journal for Accountants and Audit Officials
      • Complete Audit Trail for All Transactions:
        • Who
        • How
        • When
      • You Can Even Make Reversing Entries for Dealing with Acrruals and Prepayments
    • Period and Year-End Process in a Snap:
      • No More Month-end Blues
      • Month-end and Year-end Wizard
      • Options to:
        • Process Pending Recurring Transactions
        • Re-elvaluating Stock and Multi-Currency Transactions
        • Print Reports Before Closing Period
    • Comprehensive Financial Statements
      • Templates
      • Ability to Customize
      • Create Reports, Journals, and Financial Statements to Suit Your Requirements including Who, How, and When Created.
      • New Account Codes are Automatically Included in Layout
      • Export to Excel, PDF, or Text format or Print On-the-Fly
    • Handle Taxes On Every Level
      • Different Tax Components in One Scheme
      • Supports Tax Holidays
      • Change, Customize, and Override Taxes when Needed
      • Accurate in Sales Orders when Special Taxes Required
  • Banking: 

    • Monitor and Consolidate All Banking Activities
      • Multiple Banks
      • Several Bank Account Types]
    • Reconcile Accounts:
      • Bank accounts
      • Petty Cash Accounts
      • Credit Cards
      • Multiple Payments
      • Receipts
      • Transfers that had been cleared
      • Track the Last Reconciled Date and Amount from the Previous Bank Reconciliation
    • Automated Banking Transactions including:
      • Customer Deposits
      • Posting of Bank Receipts
      • Bank Payments
      • Generates a Transaction History of Receipts and Payments Across All Sales Channels
    • Accurate Financial Statements and AccountBalances
      • Minimizes User Errors in Preparing Bank Deposits
      • Eliminates Unnecessary Steps
    • Manage Petty Cash Funds:
      •  Easiliy Establish Petty Cash Accounts
      • Assign Petty Cash Custodian to Each Account
      • Disburse Cash through Petty Cash Payments
      • Replenish Petty Cash Accounts through Petty Cash Receipts
      • Cash Flow Reports can be Generated for Each Petty Cash Account for Transparency
    • Easy Banking
      • Setup Different Types of Bank Accounts in Different Currencies
      • Bank Setup Wizard for as Many Accounts Needed
      • Transaction History Per Account
      • Complete and Accurate Audit Trail for Each Account
  • Reports Management:

    • Report Designer Tool:
      • Create Any Report You Need
      • Financial or Demographic
      • All Industry Levels
    • Report Designer:
      • Edit and Customize Existing Reports
      • Can Easily Drag and Drop Fields for Automatic Alignment
      • Barcodes Can be Added
      • Supports Rich Text for Professional Appearance
      • Hundreds of Available Report Templates or Create Your Own
      • Ability to Add Behavior Scripts When You Toggle It
      • Include Auto-Generated Charts and Graphs
      • Set Data Tags and Physical Layout Rules
      • Set Page Settings
      • Add Data Fields Where Needed
      • Place Watermarks
      • Export to Different File Formats
      • eMail, Print, or Fax for Your Convenience
    • Blazing Fast Report Seach Engine
      • 5,000 Records in 5 Seconds
      • View Reports When You Need It
    • Bind-to-Form Feature
      • Print Associated Documents
      • Bind Reports to Transaction Forms
      • E.g. Print Sales Order or Invoice Reports, all other associated reports such as Order Packing Note and Order Acknowledgement Reports are Batched for Print as well.



  • Business Intelligence:

    • Dashboard Designer
    • View Your Performance
      • Group and Rearrange Data on the Fly
      • Create Meaningful Metrics Relevant to Your Business
    • Manipulate Your Data for "What If" Scenarios
    • Create Multiple Approaches Based Off the Edited Data to Create Detailed Contingency Plans for Your Business.
    • Powerful and Forecasting Tools in Your Hands
      • Make Better-Informed Decisions
      • Identify New Business Opportunities
      • Improve Operational Environment
      • Spot Trends Early to Improve Revenues
      • Create Detailed and Comprehensive Contingency Plans
      • Spot Issues Before They Become Problems to Your Company
      • Design Forecasts of Scenarios
      • Develop Strategies to Changes in the Market
    • Convert Hard to Read Data and Extensive Data into Organized and Summarized Visual Reports.
    • Change a Report's Layout Visually in Order to View Data from Different/Multiple Standpoints.
    • Render Data to Answer Business Questions.
      • Arrange as Needed, Eliminating the Need to Produce Dozens of Reports.
  • Customization Tools:

    • Plug-In Manager to Install Custom Plug-Ins
    • User Role Based Menu & Screen Designer
    • Data Dictionary to Add New Search Screens
    • Job Service Manager
      • Set Tasks to Run at Scheduled Times


Connected Business Community Edition is for small and medium growing businesses who need a unified and eCommerce and Back Office System. With one database, one business logic in a single platform, your data and business rules are real-time removing synchronization issues that provides you the ability to cross-sell across multiple channels with real-time inventory so your company can focus on sales and increase your inventory turns. Unlike NetSuite or Shopify, the Community Edition is 100% Free with Unlimited Users, Unlimited Products, and Unlimited Orders.

Connected Business Professional Edition is a customizable, flexible, and scalable Business Management System for fast growing medium to enterprise businesses that marries ERP, POS, CRM, CMS, and POS with eCommerce. A multi-language, multi-currency, multi-location, multi-website, multi-device platform that displays real-time stock available across all sales channels, which increases sales and cross-sales, improves customer service, lowers maintenance costs, and drives customer adoption that allows a company to operate at a higher efficiency. Our unified approach completely eliminates the complexities and inefficiencies associated with managing operations and sales channels using multiple solutions. As orders are placed online, they are instantly added to the Connected Business platform for fulfillment; as inventory information changes, they are immediately reflected across the solution, such as your website or POS. Our simplified pricing, our system comes in two packages, Professional Cloud Edition and On Premise Edition; pricing does not change based on revenues, number of products, or number of orders, and instead is based on the number of consecutive users logged in at one time. With Our FREE SDK Kit and Restful Web Services Layer, our library is growing with the number of third party plugins.


Everything Real-time. Sell More. Work Less!

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