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The LlamaZOO team combines decades of expertise in enterprise solutions, 3D visualization and big data with experience in markets such as mining and forestry, enabling the company to deliver the power of Spatial Business Intelligence to the world’s most critical industries. 

Products & Services

LlamaZOO is at the forefront of Spatial Business Intelligence, unlocking the value of big data and democratizing access to crucial business insights at all stages of a project’s lifecycle.

The LlamaZOO SaaS platform enables organizations to fuse, analyze and visualize big spatial data, unlocking new insights and meaningful actions. 

  • Fuse: The LlamaZOO platform fuses together spatial data from across an organization, de-siloing information and making it accessible for analysis and visualization. 

  • Analyze: Fused data can be comprehensively analyzed using tools such as AI and machine learning, unlocking insights from data that was previously inaccessible. 

  • Visualize: LlamaZOO’s platform uses real-time 3D visualization to display data in its original context, unlocking big data and democratizing access to crucial business insights. 

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