About LlamaZOO Interactive Inc.

LlamaZOO's revolutionary e-learning platform delivers collaborative, interactive, and 3D virtual content. Our mission is to provide rich interactive 3D content that enables universities, colleges, and enterprises to increase the efficacy and expand the accessibility of their educational and training content.

Based on this framework, we’ve created the world’s first Veterinary Virtual Dissection platform, EasyAnatomy. Built in partnership with leading international institutions, and powered by the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and learning theory, EasyAnatomy is trusted by students and educators from over 70 veterinary schools worldwide. 

The LlamaZOO platform provides a means of viewing and interacting with complex data and structures in the form of 3D models, and enables users to access this complex data on many devices including modern tablets, personal computers, and augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) devices. In addition to EasyAnatomy, we also work with leading organizations in a variety of industries to bring their projects to life in 3D. We’d like to hear about your upcoming project and explore how we can help.

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Company Quick Description

LlamaZOO Interactive is an award-winning company, and developers of an AR/VR learning & training platform for higher ed and enterprise.

Products & Services

EasyAnatomy - 3D Veterinary educational software and platform for post secondary institutions and students. (www.easy-anatomy.com)

AR/VR/MR Software - Custom solutions (www.llamazoo.com)

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