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Mighty Oaks is a different kind of technology company.   We focus on helping our customers collaborate and innovate through the use of technology.   We start by building relationships where we focus on understanding your business needs tailor customized solutions around those needs.   Perhaps your looking to transition to online e-commerce, improve the quality of your product, manage regulatory compliance, design better products, or move to becoming a more mobile organization.  We will work with you to define the outcome your are trying to archive and create the correct solution.  

Our Services:

  • Custom Solutions - built on our MightyPlus modular platform we are able to create highly customized solutions that integrate eCommerce, Delivery Management, Scheduling, Food Safety, Inventory Control and Analytics to create innovated solutions for our customers.  We work with some of the leading grocery store brands in North America to create innovative customer experiences.
  • Managed IT Services - using our state of the art Network Operations Centre, we monitor and proactively maintain our customers server and workstation infrastructure.  We are able to offer on-premise, private-cloud and public-cloud based solutions.   All our services are backed by our local 24/7 Help Desk.  
  • Integrated Solutions -  we have access to some of the industry leading platforms to product lifecycle management engineering, preventative maintenance, safety or quality management.   We are able to create integrated solutions to solve your problems. 

 To meet the needs of our customers we have developed specialized training, expertise and certification in key technologies from our partners Dassualt Systems, SoftExpert, Sophos, Peer1, Microsoft and RedHat.  

The markets we serve:

  1. Food Supply Chain (producers, processors, transport and retail),
  2. Social Enterprises (Non-profits focused in the area of housing, and social services)
  3. Engineering/Construction.


Primary Company Location
27 Burnside Road West
V9A 6Z7
866-386-9398 or 250-386-9398
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Member Employees

  • Elder Matias

  • John Perice

  • Mike Selman

  • Trevor Hinch

  • Gary Abersek

  • David Warburton

  • Kelvin Wong

  • Leonardo Fonseca

  • Chris Westra

  • Jay Cabrera

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Company Quick Description

Mighty Oaks provides technology to drive sustainable innovation, from people centric managed IT to solutions in e-commerce and food safety.

Company Contact

Elder Matias
866-386-9398 or 250-386-9398