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REinVR (Real Estate in Virtual Reality) creates stunning, photo-realistic virtual homes for developers to sell out their projects, faster! What makes us different is our teams experience. We are a team of real estate and video game professionals determined to dramatically improve the experience of buying a new home. Traditional renders can’t sell homes. We are not a traditional render company. Our system was developed and designed by a real estate expert in a real live sales environment. We focus on the sales process and we create experiences designed around the sales process.


Traditional renders are expensive, but necessary. For the same price as a few renders REinVR provides 10 or more renders, movies, virtual walk through tours and virtual reality experiences as a full package. Our system was designed with the sales process in mind and was developed by a seasoned real estate sales professional, Nathan Nasseri the founder of REinVR. His education in video game design and experience in real estate gave him the unique perspective of how to create a state of the art sales tool to decrease sales cycle time and increase customer confidence and satisfaction.


Using your blueprints and interior specifications we bring your project to virtual life before you’ve put a shovel in the ground. In one year since launching, REinVR has completed over 20 projects across Western Canada for organizations like Bedrock Homes, Landmark Homes, Beaverbrook, the Government of Alberta and Westbank. Employing renowned video game designers from across North America and Europe, REinVR is capable of tackling any size of project, from condos to houses to neighbourhoods, even entire cities!


We are ready to tackle your next real estate development project. Together, we will collaborate and give new home buyers the best available showcase for a fraction of the price to build the real thing. No real life model necessary, no pictures required. Send your blueprints and tell us exactly what you are offering to the new home buyer market, we’ll build it. Contact us today to upgrade your sales and marketing with the latest technologies for less than you’re already spending!

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