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RioT Technology Corp. designs and manufactures innovative solutions for measuring, capturing and transmitting environmental data in harsh outdoor remote environments. Founded in 2016, we’re a fast-growing innovator focused on LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networking) wireless technologies and wireless sensor networks.  Our focus is remote, "Industrial Internet of Things” (IIot) applications, hence our name “RioT"—Remote Internet of Things. Our solutions are designed to collect data from a wide range of outdoor sensors using extremely low power wireless communications over long distances (up to 50 km).   

Our systems allow our customers to develop better data analytics and insights by increasing the spatial resolution (increase geographic reach) of the data they capture at a significantly lower total cost than traditional systems.

RioT  products and solutions incorporate innovative wireless technologies, electro-mechanical design,  patented technology, power management and  energy harvesting technologies to deliver innovative systems that can operate for many years on batteries in harsh outdoor environments.

RioT long-range wireless products are sold under the TITAN and Orbit brands (https://riotwireless.com), while our proven GroPoint (https://gropoint.com) soil sensors use patented technology to monitor moisture and temperature in the soil. Our customers are located in more than 20 countries and include science, academic, government, industrial, agricultural  and mining organizations, in the fields of agriculture, scientific research, remote environmental monitoring,  hydrology, oil & gas and mining.  

Products & Services

https://riotwireless.com and  https://gropoint.com

Low power wide area (LPWA)  wireless communication solutions for harsh environments

Remote sensing communications infrastructure for wireless sensor networks

Cloud based data services for data analysis, storage and collection

Hydrological and agriculture sensors

Soil moisture sensing technologies and solutions for agriculture.

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