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Our mission is to make the watching sports more fun and engaging. For years, fantasy sports provided that engagement for us and brought us closer to the friends we played with. However, today's fantasy offerings are widely knowledge-based games where a deeper understanding of player stats, projections, streaks, injuries, and more leads to a better chance at success. As our lives became more busy, we found it too time consuming to keep up with this knowledge that is vital for competing in typical fantasy offerings.

Our first game, Bracket Bids is the fusion of sports pools and poker.  It is designed for people who love sports, love strategy games, but also love having their free time too.  Bracket Bids provides playoff and tournament sports pool contests for you and your friends that feature auction-style drafts for teams.  Unlike Yahoo! and Officepools.com, our drafts require zero hours of preparation and zero days of post-draft management.  In Bracket Bids, it is not who studies the most, but who plays the best that wins.

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