About Therapeutic Meals

Home nutrition care: frozen food service delivery for people living with chronic disease, specializing in modified diet textures and nutrition therapy; supported by dietitian services. Our online presence facilitates the order and delivery of specialized and personalized meals, provides a platform for health professionals to connect with this medical nutrition therapy service, and enables the care giver or client to connect with dietitian services, therefore bridging care transitioning from acute care to home, and helps prevent (re-)admission to any form of institutionalized care.

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Member Employees

  • Jenneke van Hemert

Company Quick Description

Therapeutic Meals provides personalized nutrition therapy and meals with over 1000 choices that fit your medical needs and preferences.

Products & Services

Complete home nutrition care, frozen meals, liquid supplements, vitamins and minerals, feeding support tools.

Restaurant quality food catered to medical nutrition therapy diets and modified diet texture meals as per your unique therapeutic diet prescription, frozen and delivered to your door.

Dietitian Services: support for transitioning from acute care to home, bed side assessment, personalized meal planning services.



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Jenneke van Hemert