About TrichAnalytics Inc.

On our planet, we are constantly facing very large and complex environmental health issues; our approach to monitoring them is from a microscopic scale. TrichAnalytics uses advanced laser technology to monitor exposure to toxic metals in humans and wildlife, and because our lasers are so small we require very little sample for analysis, such as a single hair! And even within that single small tissue we can reveal any changes in exposure that occurred over time.

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  • Jennie Christensen

Company Quick Description

TrichAnalytics provides innovative tools to monitor health and toxic metal exposure of people or their environment.

Products & Services

Biological Tissue analysis - wildlife samples such as hair, whiskers, claws, bones, teeth, feathers, fish otoliths, scales can provide information to industry managers wanting to better manage their environmental and toxic footprint

Occupational Exposure and forensics - hair and/or nails are analyzed and results are uploaded into a database to support preventative monitoring of exposure to toxic metals in the workplace. If somebody was exposed in the past few weeks or months, we can also determine dates and amounts of exposure with a single hair.

Personal Health - a single hair will reveal nutritional deficiencies and exposure to toxic metals that have come from diet, water or environment.

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Jennie Christensen