About Zenchain

Zenchain leverages technical and marketing expertise in building decentralized web applications to enable users to fully control their financial assets and personal data.

Established as a new entity from a software company founded in 2013 having built PC software used by millions worldwide, Zenchain aims to develop sophisticated and user friendly blockchain applications and platforms to help bring the myriad benefits of decentralized ledger and smart contract technologies to real world users. We strive to make these technologies attainable for regular use and mass adoption to advance cryptocurrency as a whole.

Products & Services

LendCoin: A P2P decentralized lending platform for trustless, collateralized loans supporting a wide variety of tokens as currency and fiat/crypto pegged repayment values for customizable use cases.

MonitorChain: A smart contract oracle feed to monitor and alert users of the signs of major token theft and smart contract exploits. Acts as an alarm system to reduce the financial and reputational damage of incidents by crypto exchanges and token creators

TokenFI: A decentralized Ethereum based and paired futures exchange with leveraged pairs and adjustable terms for advanced cryptocurrency speculation.

Primary Company Location
661 Burnside Road East #202
V8T 2X9

Member Employees

  • Kyle Reagan

  • Seth Hornby

Company Contact

Seth Hornby