Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Which membership is right for me?

A. If you work for a company, "Company Member" is the correct choice. A "Student Member" is for an individual who is enrolled in full-time studies and is located within the Greater Victoria area. An "Individual Member" is someone who supports VIATEC’s initiatives and is not associated with a company (job seekers/retired tech employees).

For Sustaining Patron or Community Builder memberships please see the list of benefits here, (which include free job postings!). These membership levels allow companies who are now in positions of leadership to ‘give back’ to the community and help support VIATEC in their financial initiatives.


Q. How much is a company membership?

A. All company memberships are tier-based, starting at $375, and the price increments are determined by the amount of employees you currently have in the Greater Victoria area. A Technology Startup (a company less than three years old), receives a discount.


Q. Is my company a Technology Member or Service Member?

A. Do you manufacture or produce your own software that brings you revenue? If you answered “yes” then you are a Technology Member. If you answered “no” then you are Service Member.

Company Profiles


You must have full administration privileges to make any edits to your company profile.


Q. How do I know if I have administration privileges?

A. Login to the website. Your name will display in the top right hand corner of the page. Beside your name is a drop down arrow. Please select this. If you are an administrator, you will have an option to “Edit Company Profile” in the drop down list. If you do not see this option, you are not an administrator

If you require admin privileges please contact your acting Liaison for your company profile or contact info@viatec.ca who can assist.


Q. How do I edit our company profile?

A. Login to the website. Use the drop down arrow beside your name to access your company profile “Edit Company profile

  • When the page opens it will automatically default to your company’s basic info tab of your business profile
  • There will be several other tabs - Employees, Location and Privacy... Please select the tab you want to edit
  • Make your changes and hit save at the bottom the page
  • Tip: Make sure you fill out your profile as much as you can! When potential customers google your Company Name, your profile will often appear on the first page of results. 


Q. Privacy tabWhat is this?

Your company profile will automatically default to “Open” which means (List my company on the Membership Directory for anyone to see). Do not select “Private” (unless you are hiding from the law ;) ). 


Q. How to add an employee to your company profile?

A. You must be an administrator to perform this function. Ensure you are logged into the website and on your company profile.

  • Select the Employee tab
  • Select "add an Employee" at the bottom of the page
  • Enter their first and last name and email address
  • During this step, you can choose whether to make them an admin person or not.

Please note: once the employee has been added to the company profile, only the individual can update their own personal profile. The administrator does not have the privileges to perform this task.


Q. How to delete an employee from your business profile?

A. Only VIATEC staff can perform this function for security reasons. Please send an email to info@viatec.ca and provide the employees full name and email address.


Job Postings


The VIATEC website keeps a list of expired jobs you have posted in the past. If you would like to re-post one of them, visit the job board to see your expired jobs located on the right hand side. For more information regarding job board details, please click here.


Q. How do I post a job?

A. If you are a VIATEC member: Please login to the website. Go to the drop down arrow beside your name and select “Post a job”. Follow the steps through, make payment and hit save.

If you are a non-member: Please go to the job board page. On the right hand side there is a tab “post as a non-member”. Please provide your information to the website prior to posting your technical job. Once payment is made then we will be notified that there is a job to publish. Please note: The website does not accept AMEX.


Q. How do I obtain a copy of my invoice/receipt?

A. If you did not print out your receipt when you received your email confirmation, please follow the steps below:

  • Login into the website
  • Use the drop down arrow beside your name
  • Select account details
  • On the right hand side of the page is a list of your invoices
  • Select the invoice you want
  • The price/tax breakdown is located on the invoice
  • Download the invoice for remittance.



If you have a Company Membership, or you're a non-member with a free community event that involves our technology community, email tectoria@viatec.ca to get your event on our calendar and in our weekly e-Bulletin!*

Events that do not meet the criteria above are subject to approval and may be charged a fee to be listed.


Q. How do I post an event on the VIATEC website?

A. Please send all event information to TECTORIA@viatec.ca. Include the title, description, time, date, location, contact name, email and/or phone number, plus an image or logo and allow 2-3 days for approval. Please allow at least three weeks of promotion on our calendar, in addition to your own promotional efforts. 


Q. How do I register for an event/seminar?

A. If you are a VIATEC member, please login. Use your email address that is attached to your profile on the website. This will ensure you receive the discount to the event if any are applied. Locate the event on the events calendar. Register including your full name and email address. You will receive an email confirmation when the registration is confirmed.

For non-members, please locate the event and register including your full name and email address.   

News Articles


Only VIATEC members with administration privileges can perform this function. If you are a non-member or a member without admin privileges and you have news regarding the technology community then please send it to TECTORIA@viatec.ca


Q. How to post a news article on the VIATEC website?

A. Click on the News tab on the website. On the right hand side of the page there is a tab “Create a News Article”, follow the steps through and select draft or save. If you choose to select draft, your news article will be saved on the right hand side under “My Unpublished Articles” of the new page. If you select save your news post will become live. A VIATEC administrator will receive a notification that your article has been posted.