21-Day Coding Challenge Prep Workshop Presented by Lighthouse Labs

22 Oct 2019
6:00pm - 9:00pm PDT


Did you know 95% of websites use JavaScript? JavaScript is one of the most in-demand skills for professional developers and coding hobbyists alike. That’s why Lighthouse Labs created the 21-Day Coding Challenge, to help participants learn basic JavaScript in just 15-30 minutes a day. It’s fun, free, and there are fabulous prizes up for grabs.

This hands-on workshop will introduce you to the fundamental JavaScript concepts in November’s edition of the 21-Day Coding Challenge.

Led by members of the Lighthouse Labs team, you'll be introduced to the building blocks of web development and have the chance to try your hand at building your very own project using JavaScript.

Topics covered:

  • Loops
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Conditionals

Learn more and register to participate here.


Hardware: A Windows or Macintosh laptop.

About Lighthouse Labs:

Lighthouse Labs will take you from coding hobbyist to professional developer. You’ll be immersed into full-stack web development through hands-on experience.

With the support of a brilliant team of instructors and mentors who view coding as the ultimate craft, you’ll join the ranks of over 1500 developers in the Lighthouse Labs community. Our industry driven-curriculum and rigorous education standards have created the ultimate result for our graduates: over 95% employment rate.

Learn more @ www.lighthouselabs.ca.

Upcoming Program Dates:

  • Intro Courses (Part Time/6 weeks)
  • Intro to Web Development 
    • Feb 25 - Apr 2
  • Intro to Front-End with JavaScript 
    • Nov 12 - Dec 19
    • Jan 14 - Feb 20
  • Web Development Bootcamp (Full Time/12-weeks)
    • Jan 6 - Mar 27

Contact: Caroline Lauder, Community Manger, caroline.lauder@lighthouselabs.com

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22 Oct 2019
6:00pm - 9:00pm PDT

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