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This fall VIATEC is launching a NEW multi-day event in an effort to cultivate a community of Leaders (All a part of our master plan to take over the world - well, to get our tech sector to $10 Billion by 2030 at least!). For those of you that participated in the Roy Group's "The Leader's Discipline" last September, we invite you to bring out your entire Executive teams to experience even more! 

Culminate 2018 is an evolution towards focusing our efforts on Leadership development to a peer group of ambitious, coachable, community-minded and engaged entrepreneurs.

More than a conference, more than a workshop, not at all a meet-and-greet and certainly not IN ANY WAY about your pitch.

Designed to provide impactful learning, meaningful experiences and lasting connections to your peers. 


  • A 3-day event series focused on leadership, values and motivation 
  • An opportunity to connect with your team, community leaders and out of towners while you all learn together
  • A series designed with some pretty incredible goals - we're not just throwing this together (see below) 


  • You will learn new leadership skills
  • You will gain a better insight as to what your guiding principles are 
  • You will be inspired
  • You will meet new faces and have meaningful conversations 
  • You will walk away with a ton of skill sets you can put to work right away
  • If you're the first 100 to register, you'll get a FREE VIP Pass to Rifflandia! See below...

Early Bird Offer is now over! Thanks to all who registered and got a Rifflandia pass as a bonus!



  • Non-Member: $1500+gst
  • VIATEC Member: $299+gst


  • Access to every Culminate session from October 10th to 12th
  • Highly valuable content in leadership, values and motivation
  • Connections to your peers, investors and visiting organizations all there to learn with you
  • Networking, bites and sips

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Check out the incredible lineup for Culminate 2018! 

(More to be announced!)



Encore: The Leader's Discipline 
An intensive day-long intro to the experience of being coached as a leader, coaching others and creating a new culture. If you attended last year's workshop, this is your opportunity to send the rest of your team! Or, go for round 2 :D 
This is the "lite" version of Roy Group's 2.5 day workshop which has a value of $2495 on it's own!

Presenter/Coach: Ian Chisholm, Roy Group

Location: Inn at Laurel Point, Terrace Ballroom (680 Montreal St.)

OCT 11TH 9:30-10:30am 
Tip of the Spear: Our Species and Technology at a Crossroads

Humble, witty and impactful, Jim’s talk brings the audience into the future by providing a clear-eyed and experience-based philosophical view of the challenges we face as a species. He looks at the question of, “Just because we can, does it mean we should?”, straight-on and challenges all us to be exponential.
Each guest will receive a free copy of Jim's book, Tip of the Spear, and there will be a book signing following the talk!

Speaker: Jim A. Gibson, Author

Location: St. Ann's Academy, Auditorium (835 Humboldt St.)


Company, Culture, Leadership & the Challenge of Building a Diverse AI for the Future
The reality is that AI is pervasive and integrated. How it is built, what it is fed, has tremendous impact on our day to day lives and may be immediately harmful if we don't challenge the current direction it is moving. Chia-Lin will discuss the work LookyLoo has been doing on building Lucy, one of the first "female" AIs and the impact of company culture, team and leadership on LookyLoo's journey to build a diverse AI for the retail market.

Speaker: Chia-Lin Simmons, CEO & Co-Founder of LookyLoo
(Previously of Google and Amazon)

Location: St. Ann's Academy, Auditorium (835 Humboldt St.)


Amplify Her
If you haven't seen this documentary, you won't want to miss this. By combining ecstatic energy and artistry, Amplify Her follows talented young women in the electronic music scene as they come-of-age amidst the emerging cultural renaissance of the feminine. This is Personal Leadership at an entirely other level!
[Watch the Trailer]
Lunch and popcorn provided. 
Directed by Ian Mackenzie and Nicole Sorochan. Produced by Nicole Sorochan and Erin Skillen. Written by Tracy Friesen, Editing by Ian Mackenzie. Additional Writing by Ian Mackenzie and Nicole Sorochan. Starring Lux Moderna, Applecat and Blondtron. Featuring Wala, A Hundred Drums, Kytami, CloZee, Dubvirus and Ill-gates.
Executive Producer Nicole Sorochan. Music by David Parfit and Chloé Herry. Cinematography by Ian Mackenzie, Jan Vozenilek and Nicole Sorochan.

Location: St. Ann's Academy, Auditorium (835 Humboldt St.)


From UVic to Terapeak, from Africa to Hootsuite, from SF to NY
How values and principals have guided a once local tech hippie around the world and why that's better than playing it safe.

Speaker: Greg Gunn, Previously of Hootsuite and Terapeak

Location: St. Ann's Academy, Auditorium (835 Humboldt St.)

City Conversations
Hosted by a local leader that will take you to one of their favourite spots in town and facilitate a deep dive conversation with you and a small group of other attendees on what has been presented, shared and discussed so far.
In-House Dinners
Take your city conversations into the home of a local leader where you will blend with another group for further sharing and conversation over a catered meal. After this you will have built relationships with some amazing people that can carry on for years to come.

Keynote: Intention into Innovation - The Road To Impact

Mark Brand will lead us through his journey as a chef-entrepreneur to a Professor of Innovation, and how discovering his guiding principles led him from helping one man, to attacking poverty head-on through design, food and a deep understanding of his own values.

Location: Parkside Hotel, Urban Ballroom (810 Humboldt St.)


Values, Leadership & Making a Difference
Hear how community leaders are focused on principles to guide their efforts to have the most impact possible.

Moderator: Dan Gunn, CEO of VIATEC
Panelists: Erin Skillen, Scott Lake, Mia Maki, Tim Cormode.

Location: Parkside Hotel, Urban Ballroom (810 Humboldt St.)


Networking with a view
Refuel over lunch, drinks and conversation paired with one of the best rooftop views in town.

Location: Parkside Hotel, City Club Lounge (810 Humboldt St.)


The Culmination
Join us as we come together to discuss what the real lessons are, what we wish we would've known back then, and what the biggest takeaways are. Panel and group discussion.

Location: Parkside Hotel, City Club Lounge (810 Humboldt St.)


Mingle and Wrap up
Continue networking and enjoying the views as the event wraps up!

Location: Parkside Hotel, City Club Lounge (810 Humboldt St.)

  Please note: The Agenda is subject to change.



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