Free F*ckUp Webinar: Resilience in times of crisis!

26 Mar 2020
8:00am - 9:00am PDT

In times of crisis, the default is to let fear drive us towards a fixed mindset instead of embracing the growth mindset necessary for creativity and resilience. 

COVID-19 is impacting companies around the world, causing cancellations and budget cuts that force leaders to make difficult decisions.

Millions of people must adapt their processes, priorities, and habits to respond to the current circumstances.  

In these times of uncertainty, we’re opening a digital space to discuss best practices and share habits to manage setbacks.

This webinar has been designed for Organizational Culture, Human Resources, Employer Branding, Innovation, Events and MICE professionals, as well as team leaders of any kind.


  • Building a resilient culture
  • Crisis management to foster creativity and innovation
  • Setbacks and opportunities
  • Remote work & digital events

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26 Mar 2020
8:00am - 9:00am PDT

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