Leading in a Changed World | A Four Part Executive Coaching Series

30 Sep 2020
3:00pm - 5:00pm PDT

Leading in a Changed World | A Four Part Executive Coaching Series

Years from now, people across the country will share their internal, private, perhaps even secret experiences of this disorienting time.

They’ll share the feeling of being in over their heads — and of letting go of control as social, economic, political and emotional landscapes spun and shifted in their personal and professional lives. Then the conversation will turn to the characters who stepped up. The people who were calm and focused and steady. The ones who were patient and understanding — and who created the space for courage, conviction and imagination to emerge. The leaders.

We invite you to RSVP below for this highly interactive, four-part series with Ian Chisholm and Yolanda Moran of Roy Group, highlighting a collection of concepts, approaches and tools to help leaders rise up in the current world.

This series is designed for executive leadership teams and founders. Through attending this series, participants will:

  • Explore the uniqueness of our times, and what that means for those providing leadership;
  • discern the difference between simple, complicated, complex and chaotic systems, and the leadership approaches most effective within each;
  • experience ideas, approaches and tools that they can use with others;
  • engage in leadership ‘drills’ to practice skills.

Chapter 1: Leading Through Complexity
Wed, Sept 30, 3-5pm PT 
How can leaders be expected to lead when no one knows what the right answers are? How can we help leaders go from a mindset of solving to one of resolving? What is the role of Mentors when leaders have no choice but to fail fast and often, in order to find a way forward?

Chapter 2: Practice and Resiliency
Wed, Oct 7, 3-5pm PT

What must our coaching be aware of in the months to come? What is the role that feedback must play for teams and leaders as they enter into new arenas? Why must we help leaders learn from their experience, as it emerges?

Chapter 3: Wise Counsel
Wed, Oct 14, 3-5pm PT

What gets in the way of leaders asking for help? How can we proactively entangle those we serve in networks of those who can help them? How can ritual provide a bridge from isolation to community?

Chapter 4: The Gods of Time
Wed, Oct 21, 3-5pm PT

What themes in what we face are timeless? What are new? As leaders ourselves, how will we conduct ourselves, going forward?


Ian and Yolanda are trusted advisors to the VIATEC community, and you may have already worked with him as a participant in The Leader’s DisciplineFor graduates of The Leader’s Discipline, this series is a chance to apply your skills to the unique challenges facing businesses today, and deepen your practice. If you’re new to Roy Group programs, it’s a practical introduction to skills you’ll be able to apply right away. 


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30 Sep 2020
3:00pm - 5:00pm PDT

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