Start-up to Scale-up: What it's like to Work on a Rocketship

14 Nov 2019
5:30pm - 7:30pm PST

It feels like all of Victoria is a-buzz over tech. Being the number one industry in Victoria, it’s easy to see why tech is appealing to so many. We all know the Silicon Valley depiction of what it means to work in tech: garage server rooms, bean bag chairs, epic company-wide ping pong tournaments. But when we look past the stereotypes, we’re often left with more questions than answers. 

What does it mean to work in a start-up? A scale-up? What is a scale-up, anyway? What does it take to make a company go from ground zero to a scale-up headed to the stars? We’re exploring these questions and many more in our panel discussion with some of Victoria’s most influential thinkers in tech. 


Marco Pimentel - CMO, Redbrick, Co-Founder/GM, Assembly 

Assembly grew out of Marco’s passion for digital innovation in North America’s publishing industry. Using strategic marketing, advertising, and branding expertise, Marco is focused, first and foremost, on improving traffic and user acquisition, ensuring that customers’ and partners’ needs are fully understood and met. 

Prior to joining Redbrick in 2012, Marco held executive-level positions at companies within the digital publishing, web development, and design industries, also securing a spot for one of these companies on the PROFIT 500 list for growth. A true entrepreneur at heart, Marco has cultivated his expertise in business, owning and selling two companies in the digital coupon and e-commerce space. 

Marco currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia with his wife Agnieszka and two sons, Rafael and Mateo. Outside of his work, Marco is a self-proclaimed amateur fly fisherman. 

Nadia Tatlow - GM, Shift Nadia Tatlow is the General Manager of Shift. 

A passionate leader, marketer, and tech-enthusiast, Nadia is focused on scaling the company and taking Shift to new heights, while fostering a meaningful community for customers. Her expertise lies in developing, managing, and overseeing the company’s vision and strategy. Nadia has grown the Shift brand from conception to launch, building campaigns across various platforms to generate sales and achieve unprecedented growth. 
Prior to assuming her role at Shift, Nadia managed marketing at Redbrick, delivering marketing communications and strategic PR for the company and its core products. Before that, she worked with top advertisers and publishers during the company’s early stages of growth. 

Outside of work, Nadia enjoys traveling, running and exploring her home on the west coast. 

Karl Swannie - CEO, Echosec

In 2013, cartographer Karl Swannie was tasked with building a tool to map social media use around a Canadian university campus. It wasn't long before a military general, as well as a key investor, saw the potential for the technology and it became a data discovery platform that was unlike anything on the market. For Karl, it started as a passion project. Visualizing dynamic GIS data from around the world was and still is his happy place.

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14 Nov 2019
5:30pm - 7:30pm PST

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