VIAfest - F*ckUp Night VOL.7

25 Jan 2018
5:00pm - 7:00pm PST

F*ckUp Night VOL.7


Everyone's favourite night. Nothing like watching accomplished, confident people share their still-raw, professional disasters with a crowd of 200+ colleagues who have been drinking beer.

Better than crying. Cheaper than therapy. 

F*ckUp Nights is a global movement where stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned and celebrated. It started in 2012 in Mexico City and we've brought it to Victoria.

3 "f*ckuppers" will have 6 minutes each to tell their story and up to 10 minutes for Q&A. What was the project? What went wrong? What did they learn? What would they do differently? 

This F*ckUp Night is sponsored by the Roy Group! 

Please note this event is 19+. The Victoria Event Centre has an elevator around back for those requiring assistance.

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F*ckUppers (Speakers):

  • Andrew & Nancy Paine - "Most people think they know the story behind Victoria's beloved Sitka, the surf and lifestyle brand started by two friends at UVic. But in this, our very first joint speech, you'll hear co-founder Andrew Paine and his "other" partner - his wife, Nancy - explain what it's like to experience the stress of entrepreneurial success and failure as a couple."
  • Bev McPhee - "End of the rainbow: The true cost of my pot of gold"
  • Ian Chisholm - "Take a 27 year old Canadian CEO - full of mustard - tasked with a near impossible assignment on a small Scottish island - the weather is horrific, the locals are angry (and Scottish!) and the enterprise is a financial exercise in non-elastic bungee jumping.  What could make our situation worse…. a little time saving lie to the Board of Directors."


  • 5:00pm Doors Open
    • Appies provided. Drinks available for purchase.
  • 5:45pm F*ckUp stories
  • 7:00pm Event end
  • 9pm-1am Feel free to stick around for "TrÅnspire" - A musical showcase of local Victoria talent! (Tickets are $10 if you choose to leave and come back)


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F*ckUp Nights is a global movement where stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned and celebrated. It started in 2012 in Mexico City and it's getting bigger and bigger in Victoria. 



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25 Jan 2018
5:00pm - 7:00pm PST

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  • 1415 Broad St, Victoria, BC V8W 2B2, Canada