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Golang Software Developer

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    If you are a software developer looking for stimulating work in an environment that truly encourages work-life balance, and excellent opportunities for personal grow—then come work with us. Daitan has been awarded as a Great Place to Work® for 9 years in a row not only because we offer great pay, 4-week vacations, benefits and perks, but because we have a strong culture of trust and engagement that unites us into an amazing technology company building extraordinary products that are changing the world in financial services, secure communication, IoT, cloud, and artificial intelligence.

    Daitan is a multinational company, with headquarters in the United States (San Ramon, CA) and Operations in Brazil (Campinas-SP) and in Canada (Victoria-BC). Daitan was founded in 2004, with roots in the telecom industry. We have led the development and deployment of carrier-grade solutions in over 50 countries, and have since gone on to develop and deploy hundreds of scalable, reliable, and high-demand software products and systems for leading global companies, providing full lifecycle software product development, software product maintenance and software quality assurance services. www.daitan.com.

  • Victoria, BC
  • 18 Jun 2020
  • 17 Aug 2020
  • Send your Resume or Linked In profile to hiring-ca@daitan.com, along with your contact information

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