Notice of AGM of Members and Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors


VIATeC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming up on September 18 and that means it is time for Board Elections. Each year, we are very lucky to have a well attended AGM with more candidates for the board than vacancies and we see an impressive set of people come forward and offer to serve as our member’s representatives and to guide VIATeC going forward.

Are you interested in throwing your hat into the ring? It’s a great way to raise your business profile, support VIATeC and develop your board and governance skill sets.

If you would like to put your name forward as a candidate please follow this link to complete the nomination form.

Please review the expected commitment of VIATeC Board members:

  1. Must be a VIATeC member in good standing
  2. Review all materials sent out in advance of quarterly Board meetings and attend meetings as often as possible (75% attendance required)
  3. May or may not participate in at least one Board committee (75% attendance required)
  4. ​Some board members will be “point” on specific strategic goals
  5. Participate in the annual strategic planning process
  6. Whenever possible, attend VIATeC events (seminars, conferences)

Our board will be meeting will all candidates for an interview in advance of the AGM. This meeting will allow candidates to ask questions and the board to prepare a skills analysis for consideration by the members when voting. Please note that we ask each candidate to provide three references from VIATeC members.

DEADLINE: Please submit your nomination form no later than Friday, September 5. Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the AGM but nominations received after September 5 will not have a chance to meet with a board member for their interview and as such only limited information will be presented during the AGM about last minute candidates…that won't help your chances so fill out the nomination form today.

Media Contact

Name: Robbie Aylesworth

Phone: (250) 483-3210