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    Locelle from Victoria selected to showcase their tech at Invest Canada, June 4-6. see more

    Victoria-based Locelle has been sponsored by Innovate BC as one of the 5 companies to showcase their technologies in Silicon Valley Bank Presents: Innovation Alley at Invest Canada. Canadian Venture Capital Private Equity Association (CVCA) hosts this annual event each year - which is the country’s biggest PE + VC event.

    As part of the exhibition, Locelle was recently featured in an article in CVCA Central about the exciting investment opportunities in BC’s thriving tech sector! Read full article here.

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    A next-gen location-based networking app for women to meet up with like-minded women has launched! see more

    First of Its Kind, Women-Only Networking Platform Launches in App Stores

    For immediate release

    Victoria, B.C., October 12, 2018: Locelle – a next generation location-based social networking platform for women to connect and meet up with like-minded women – has launched in the app stores today.

    "It's been an incredible nine months for our team as we worked tirelessly on customer discovery, market validation, product design and development," said Humaira Ahmed, Locelle's founder.

    Networking is hard, and Locelle is taking the "work" out of it.

    As women go through various life transitions – moving to a new city, career change, caring for a baby, new relationship status, coming back from maternity leave or illness – the need to make meaningful connections arises. The challenge typically is not being able to easily find and meet up with like-minded women who live nearby and share similar interests and activities.

    Locelle aims to change that. With months of beta testing with real users, the platform is now available in the app stores and is already making meaningful connections for women in Victoria and Vancouver. Powered by machine learning, Locelle’s proprietary matching algorithm connects women based on interests, activities and location.

    “I just downloaded Locelle and super excited to have already made three connections with like-minded women in tech space!! In a pretty male dominated industry, I’m stoked to see an app like this to help build my tribe. Thank you for creating!” wrote Sarah Boland, a Locelle user.

    Locelle is also working with a handful of B.C. technology companies that wish to hire more women as part of their diversity and inclusion initiatives. These companies offer Locelle as an onboarding package to their female staff. "With Flytographer and RingPartner already on board, this is just the beginning of a social health movement," said Ahmed.

    "Here at RingPartner, we value connecting people with opportunities, and Locelle makes it easy for our female team members to get involved in the tech community and forge relationships with like-minded individuals," said Sarah Gulbrandsen, COO and president of RingPartner.

    The app is available on Android and iOS and free for now; it will be available for US$1.99 per user, per month earlier next year. Interested companies can contact Humaira Ahmed, while interested users can download the app.


    About Locelle Digital Inc.:

    Locelle (/lōk-el/) is a location-based networking app for women offering safer and easier way to meet like-minded women nearby. Powered by machine learning, Locelle’s proprietary matching algorithm connects women based on interests, activities and location.


    Media Contact:

    Humaira Ahmed

    Founder and CEO



    Social Media:

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    Women only social networking platform has begun beta testing with select iOS and android users. see more

    Victoria Based Women Only Social Networking Platform to Meet New Friends, Activity Partners, Business Connections Begins Beta Testing.

    For Immediate Release

    Victoria, BC, August 7, 2018 – Locelle™, a women-only location based social networking platform to find and meet platonic connections has begun beta testing with select users. With hundreds of registered users in Victoria and Vancouver, it’s an exciting time for women to connect and meet like-minded women in a safe and easy way.

    Being new to the city, newly single or separated, going through a career change, diving into entrepreneurship, traveling, parenthood – all unique life transitions bring about a need for like-minded connections, especially post grad for many women. Locelle™, an interest based secure platform helps to find like-minded connections nearby. The name Locelle is a combination of “local” and “elle" meaning she.

    “Having gone through isolation through different stages of life myself, I know how hard it can be without a like-minded tribe. It's essential to bring women together now - loneliness and isolation affect millions of women in countries across the world and social capital is vital for mental health and overall well-being," expressed Humaira Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Locelle Digital Inc.

    Women rely heavily on their social networks to share, support and thrive. “It’s increasingly becoming challenging to easily meet like-minded women in person due to many factors – schedules, evolving interests, life transitions and location; and Locelle exists to help women get off-line and grow their tribe,” said Ahmed.

    The official launch is at the West Coast Womens Show Oct 12-14 where over 23,000 women are expected to attend the show. Beta testing is underway for both iOS and Android users – interested women can sign up for early access at



    About Locelle Digital Inc.:
    Locelle™ (/lōk-el/) is a women only social networking platform that offers a safer and easier way to meet like-minded women nearby – friend, mentor, network, or activity partner. We create real connections by finding nearby matches its proprietary technology.

    Media Contact:
    Humaira Ahmed
    Founder and CEO

    Social Media:

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    Locelle Digital is Set to Demo First of its Kind Female-Only Social Networking Platform at #BCTECH see more

    Victoria based female-only social networking platform to demo at #BCTECH Summit!

    For Immediate Release

    Victoria, BC, May 8, 2018 – Locelle, a women-only location based social networking platform to find and meet platonic female connections, is set to do its first ever demo at #BCTECH Summit in the Startup Village on May 15,16 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. This new platform is launching this summer (open to public) and will be taking its first wave of users at #BCTECH Summit. This year, the company is looking to grow its user-base by special invites and events to keep the platform safe. Interested women can learn more at and opt in to sign up for a free account to join the private community open until May 17th.

    “We chose BCTECH Summit as a demo pad because it’s the largest technology conference in Western Canada and as a tech startup stemming from Victoria, B.C., we wanted to showcase our platform to thousands of delegates attending it,” expressed Humaira Ahmed, Founder of Locelle Digital Inc. This is a “next gen” platform with user privacy and security at the forefront as well full compliance with significant new EU privacy regulations taking effect this year (GDPR/EDP).

    Loneliness affects millions of women in countries across the world and social capital is vital for their mental health and overall well-being. “I found that each life transition – moving to a new place, marriage, babies and even being an entrepreneur – brought about isolation and with that, the need for new connections. It is so challenging to meet like-minded women who live nearby,” expressed Ahmed. With all the current women empowerment movements, Humaira knew that the time was just right for Locelle to exist. The platform creates real connections by finding nearby matches based on interests, location and demographics using Match IQ™ technology.

    If you are attending #BCTECH Summit, stop by Locelle’s booth and get a demo of the platform.


    About Locelle Digital Inc.:
    Locelle (/lōk-el/) is a female only social networking platform that offers a safer and easier way to meet like-minded women nearby – friend, mentor, network, or activity partner. We create real connections by finding nearby matches using Match IQ™ technology.

    Media Contact:
    Humaira Ahmed

    Social Media:

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    The Latest Version of Shift Adds Much Anticipated Support For Boomerang & Grammarly see more

    Redbrick Launches Shift 2.0 With Chrome Extensions

    Victoria, B.C. -- The founders of Shift are turning heads, and this time with more than just Gmail customers. Shift 2.0 offers support for both Boomerang & Grammarly Chrome Extensions, making Redbrick’s Shift only the second major commercial application to successfully integrate Chrome Extensions within Brave’s Muon framework.   


    Shift was originally built on a framework called Electron, and became an instant hit - and top Product Hunt launch - when it became publicly available back in December of last year.  Their user base has grown to over 65,000 quickly since, with Gmail users flocking to Shift to manage multiple accounts, across Mail, Calendar and Drive. For its Shift 2.0 launch, Redbrick has used the Brave Muon framework to build out support for the most anticipated Chrome Extensions - Boomerang and Grammarly.  


    “With Chrome Extension support being the single most requested feature right out of the gate, we quickly realized that rebasing Shift to Brave’s more flexible Muon framework was a very necessary - albeit challenging - next step that we wanted to tackle full-on. We were thrilled that the team at Brave helped us navigate the Muon process from start to finish, and document it carefully for the rest of the open-source community.  The support over the last few months has been truly remarkable, and we are thrilled to share our findings with other developers seeking to add support for Chrome Extensions,” said Director of Product, Michael Foucher.


    Brave Muon is a fork of the Electron framework that leverages the full power of Chromium, including extensions support. It is currently used in the Brave browser and available to developers on GitHub as part of Brave's open source platform. The Muon framework is helping Redbrick provide the support and features their users want.


    Shift’s Advanced plan is the true game-changer for 2.0, offering support for Boomerang and Grammarly, as well as the much anticipated Unified Search, which allows customers to search through multiple accounts, Calendar, and Drive, from one search field. It also provides support for other popular applications, like Slack, Asana, Jira, Trello, and over twenty other essential tools. With customizable Notification Muting, which syncs with Google Calendar, users can even stop embarrassing notifications from popping up during meetings.


    Shift is still available as a free version, as well as Pro for $29.99 per year. The newest plan, Advanced, has a yearly fee of $99.99. All plans offer support for multi-account access; a clean, clutter-free desktop application; easy switching between Mail, Calendar, and Drive; native desktop notifications; and cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  


    In addition to Shift, Redbrick prides itself on a respected portfolio of B2B offerings focused on user engagement and analytics technology.


    Redbrick was ranked 2nd fastest-growing  Canadian software company in the 28th annual PROFIT 500, and 5th overall in 2016. The company is known for building powerful software products for engaged users, globally, and Shift 2.0 is no exception.


    Shift 2.0 is now available to the public as of November 1, 2017. For those interested in testing out Shift for free, they can access it here.


    For more information about this story, contact:


    Nadia Tatlow, Marketing


    +1 (250) 216-0019





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    Local e-commerce site partnered with local tech start-up FreshWorks see more

    Source:  Victoria News
    Author: Kristyn Anthony launches new mobile app

    Local e-commerce site partnered with local tech start-up FreshWorks is about to make your life even easier.

    The free local classified website has launched their new app, allowing users to buy, trade and sell used items more efficiently. Users will be able to browse items based on region or proximity, or search in multiple regions at once. A new in-app chat feature will allow buyers and sellers to communicate with each other directly, and privately for more secure transactions. was launched in 2005 by Mark Rainer and Stephen Chan who had hoped to address landfill problems in Vancouver by recycling unwanted goods. By 2008 the site was recording 55 million page views per month and in 2014, the mobile site launched.

    “It has been a long road to creating an app that provides our loyal users with a streamlined mobile experience,” said Lacey Sheardown, president and director of marketing at

    The Victoria-based company kept it local, developing the app with FreshWorks, a Victoria tech start-up that specializes in developing and designing on mobile platforms.

    “We pride ourselves on being a part of the fabric of our communities,” Sheardown said. “So it only made sense to partner with a company from within our community on this project. The team at FreshWorks have demonstrated a level of professionalism and technical expertise beyond their company’s young tenure.” has launched in 84 communities across Canada, from Victoria to P.E.I. focusing on families, sustainability and safety. The new app is available for download now.

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    The Trauma Resiliency Program is geared towards veterans, military members and first responders. see more

    Source: CHEK News

    UVic experts develops program to help those battling with PTSD [Video]

    "Trauma tends to isolate people makes people want to disappear, disconnect," says Dr. Tim Black, "As people we don't survive and do very well when we're not connected"

    The UVic psychology researcher announced the launch of the Trauma Resiliency Program geared towards veterans, military members and first responders. It's a collaborative project with Wounded Warriors Canada.

    "A lot of people who have an operational stress injury like PTSD don't even know what it is or why it's causing them the symptoms and the struggles that they're living with," explains Scott Maxwell, Executive Director of Wounded Warriors Canada.

    Maxwell says the group training will help those who have been exposed to traumatic events, to become more resilient.

    "Traumatic injury is real and it's never gonna to go away," he says, "This is just the nature of the line of work for these people. So we want to be there in their time of need to help them."

    Brad Cameron with the B.C. Ambulance Service says in the midst of the fentanyl crisis, the program couldn't come at a better time.

    "It impacts not just the individual paramedic or first responders but also the family so it is something that we face and we're continuing to face every day."

    The first training session is already full and begins this weekend in Sooke. Jason Campbell is among the participants.

    "A lot of us with PTSD, we don't know how to deal with it so some guys you know go to drinking or push away from their family,' says Campbell, "Or you isolate yourself from the community."

    The army veteran of 15 years says the program is a step towards removing the stigma around PTSD.

    "We just got to talk more about it and talk with each other about it and help each other."

    Wounded Warriors Canada hopes with additional funding, they will be able to take the program across the country and come back to Vancouver Island to give training to a new group in need.

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    Local indie dev featured in App Store. see more

    Today, The Frosty Pop Corps launched their new game Walls & Balls, a golf-pinball-pong hybrid with a Swiss design aesthetic, only on the Apple App Store. 


    The first game in founder Faisal Sethi's ball trilogy, Walls & Balls is currently featured in "New Games We Love" sections of the Apple App Store, and is featured in over 440 App Store lists accross the world. 


    This is The Frosty Pop Corps's 10th feature on the App Store, and the first from their new home in Victoria, British Columbia. 


    "It's exciting to be living in such a vibrant gaming community here in Victoria, " said Sethi. "Although I am new on the scene, at some point I hope to represent the Victoria gaming community on a global level with the same creative reputation as Kano Apps, Tiny Mob, Codename, and many, many others."


    Walls & Balls can be downloaded at:




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    A 24-year-old Victorian has designed a travel app that shot to No. 1 in popularity in the U.S. & CAN see more

    Source: Times Colonist
    Author: Adrian Chamberlain

    A 24-year-old Victorian has designed a travel app that shot to No. 1 in popularity in the U.S. and Canada.

    Oliver Brooks, a designer at Victoria’s MetaLab, co-created Relay with a U.K. developer. The app was released May 5.

    Brooks says the application differs from other travel apps in that it offers more functions in a streamlined, visually appealing manner. This means users spending less time online and more time enjoying their travels.

    Relay, which retails for $1.99 US, was ranked No. 1 in popularity among iPhone travel apps in North America the weekend after its release. It’s been in the top 50 in more than 25 countries, reaching top five status in Japan on Monday.

    The initial surge came after wrote a complimentary review.

    “It’s a very big online tech publication. That gave us a huge amount of exposure. Sales and everything just skyrocketed,” Brooks said. “I’d say [its sudden popularity] is pretty unusual. There’s a massive volume of apps released every day.”

    Relay lets users combine all the places they want to visit in a single map view. Multiple locations are represented as easy-to-access “pins” that are numbered and colour-coded. Users can input directions, routes and personal notes for different locations “so you don’t forget what you’re supposed to do when you get there.” As well, these personalized maps can easily be shared with other Relay users.

    Relay is the first app Brooks has independently created, although he has helped design others for MetaLab. Technical aspects such a coding were handled by Craig Merchant, who’s behind other popular apps such as Manual and Everyday. Brooks studied briefly at the Rhode Island School of Design before joining MetaLab, where he has worked for four years. MetaLab is a design agency whose clients include Google, Disney and CBS.

    He dreamed up Relay three years ago while travelling in Europe. Brooks found using existing systems as Google Maps unwieldy and wondered if a more efficient all-in-one app could be devised.

    Relay’s creation took two years, mostly because Brooks designed it in his spare time.

    Apple takes 30 per cent of the revenue, with Brooks and his partner splitting the remainder. Brooks declined to say how much he has already made — but added the potential to make money is there. “[The app] is cheap, but it’s an economy of scale. If you can get that volume, you can do quite well,” he said.

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    A Victoria-based delivery startup is hoping to corner the ride-hailing market before Uber. see more

    Source: CBC

    A Victoria-based delivery startup is hoping to corner the ride-hailing market before Uber comes to B.C.

    Accio is an on-demand delivery service that allows its users to have coffee, packages, groceries, and more delivered to them in an instant. The small company is now looking to expand their service to include ride-hailing, where drivers can sign up to take users around the city.

    "We see that as a big business opportunity for us which will also increase our profits on our delivery side as well," said Mike Rowe, CEO of Accio. 

    "I also believe there should be competition allowed in that space, especially since the taxi companies have had a monopoly for so many years now."

    Accio ride-hailing, like Uber, will allow users to rate drivers on customer service, pay for trips using the app, and obtain quotes for rides before even getting into a car.

    The B.C. government said earlier this year that the arrival Uber was "inevitable," but not before the government hashes out regulations for the sharing economy. 

    Edmonton city council legalized the ride-hailing company in January, making it the first city to do so in Canada.

    Waiting for regulation

    "I don't blame the B.C. government for not wanting an unregulated company to come in and drive people around."Rowe says he plans to wait until the provincial government comes out with regulations for ride-hailing companies before launching the service.

    But that doesn't mean Accio isn't already working on its ride-hailing app.

    "In the meantime we'll build it up because we strongly believe there will be regulation soon. We want to be ready for when it's done so we're going to build our app, we're going to build all the back end and hopefully get some drivers to sign up in the meantime."

    'We're not afraid of competition'

    Rowe says it's good for the industry if taxi companies imitate Accio by making their own apps.

    "We're not afraid of competition, we feel like we could do it just as good as anybody else."

    Rowe says Accio's strength is not technology, it's flexibility. The company tests out its ideas first with users before committing money to it.

    "When we launch a new service, we want to just put it out there without actually working on it that hard, to see if people want it," he said. "And if people end up wanting it, then we'll build the infrastructure to surround it, instead of the other way around."

    And in this latest ride-hailing venture, Rowe says Accio has a big advantage over taxi companies — the startup already has the logistics and driver-tracking infrastructure required for a ride-hailing app, thanks to its existing delivery service.