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    Archipelago Marine Research announces new President Gord Snell. see more

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    VICTORIA, BC, June 3, 2019 – Archipelago Marine Research is pleased to announce that it has appointed Gord Snell to the role of President. In his new role, he will be responsible for the overall operations of Archipelago including its subsidiaries in Australia (Archipelago Asia Pacific) and the United States (Archipelago USA).

    After 15 years in the role, Shawn Stebbins, will step down as President and will continue to work with Archipelago on business development and project fulfillment while supporting a seamless transition into the President position for Gord.

    “Our Board of Directors is very pleased to see Gord assume the President role here at Archipelago. He is a strong proponent of business innovation and he brings a diverse background in technology and operational leadership to the role,” said Brian Emmett, Chair of the Archipelago Board of Directors.

    “Gord has shown great success in leading our Monitoring Technologies division over the last 3 years and we are confident he will lead the continued success of Archipelago as a whole in this new role,” said Emmett.

    Mr. Snell joined Archipelago in 2014 and has been involved in strategic planning, business development efforts and operational decisions across the organization since his arrival. His previous career experience includes nearly 20 years working for Shaw Communications in senior operational and sales roles in Alberta and British Columbia.

    “I look forward to continuing the 40-year legacy that has been created here at Archipelago and will strive to deliver on our ongoing commitments to our clients and partners that are the backbone of our company,” said Mr. Snell. “I’m excited to lead a team that is so focused on delivering quality products and services and always looking for new ways to provide better value to our clients.”

    Mr. Snell’s experience within Archipelago and throughout his career will be invaluable as Archipelago works to support further modernization of global fisheries and environmental monitoring. Archipelago is focused on delivering a combination of best-in-class products and reliable on-site services to clients across the globe. Mr. Snell’s background and the experience of the Senior Executive team at Archipelago will help support the seamless delivery of this vision.

    About Archipelago Marine Research

    Established in 1978, Archipelago Marine Research employs over 150 staff and is a global provider of sustainable marine resource management products and services. They conduct fisheries monitoring projects throughout North America, Europe, Australasia, and the Antarctic. Archipelago oversees regional offices in Europe, Australia, Alaska and at each of British Columbia’s busiest fishing ports. With more than 35 years of experience in the marine environmental sector, AMR works with fisheries, coastal communities, and government organizations to help develop efficient and cost-effective solutions for marine resource sustainability. Archipelago is based out of Victoria, British Columbia.


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    Archipelago develops and implements CCTV-based monitoring and review solutions... see more

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    Tech innovations are changing how we live and work in every sector of the economy. #BCTECH Transformations profiles BC companies that provide technology that is helping natural resource industries increase their productivity and competitiveness. Part 3 of the series looks at how Victoria’s Archipelago Marine Research is a major part of a transforming commercial fisheries industry. 

    Whether you’ve enjoyed the water off British Columbia’s south coast or dined at an area restaurant, you have felt the benefits of Archipelago Marine Research. Through a commitment to fisheries, coastal communities and industry regulators, Archipelago assists multiple facets of the commercial fisheries industry.

    Archipelago develops and implements CCTV-based monitoring and review solutions for commercial fishing fleets. The company’s deep understanding of electronic monitoring software and hardware enables them to provide fishers and industry regulators with quality, customized insight. Once installed, Archipelago’s onboard monitoring system can help reviewers verify fishing times and locations, identify size and species of catch, and display fishing activity in real time. Archipelago also trains and certifies fisheries observers for at-sea and dockside monitoring.

    The past

    “Fishermen don’t like having someone or something looking over their shoulder,” says CEO Shawn Stebbins.

    Due to this feeling, fishers were not always willing to consider efficiency tools. Trip decisions were made on a hunch and without the proper data and analytics. Commercial fishing is also an industry that is at the whim of the weather; this means that fishers need to make the most out of opportune days. So, they’re warming to the idea of using monitoring and review technology to improve their expeditions.

    The future

    “The importance and value of having quality datasets and preparation is really being seen,” says Stebbins.

    In addition to the value observers and electronic monitoring solutions have had on the industry, Archipelago has facilitated a focus on environmentalism. The organization works alongside other industries who share space with marine land to ensure environmental factors are accounted for. They’re also fierce advocates for sustainable fishing.

    “This focus has extended from fishermen to restaurants to consumer,” says Stebbins. “There’s a desire to do things better and more sustainably than in the past.”